Heaven and Earth Ep 111

Heaven & Earth 310

Written by Luke Schelhaas

Directed by David Moore

My first impressions (with some links of interest) are below, to hear my deeper thoughts you’ll need to click and listen to the podcast. Enjoy!

Starz Synopsis:

Claire races to discover the source of an epidemic aboard a disease-stricken ship before hundreds of sailors die. And as Jamie locks horns with Captain Raines, Fergus finds himself torn between loyalty and love.

My Summary:

Due to the typhoid outbreak, Claire is pressed into service aboard The Porpoise. Fergus is a romantic. The Porpoise sets sail. Jamie loses his mind at the captain for not pursuing the ship and winds up in the brig. Claire gets a keen helper and turns The Porpoise into a floating hospital. Fergus refuses to help milord escape. Jamie is frantic and once again vomiting. Claire finds patient zero. Claire meets goat lady. Claire learns an arrest will be made. Claire threatens a man. Claire’s first escape is foiled.  Jamie is an arse to Fergus. Fergus still refuses to help with the cockamamie scheme. Claire loses helper. Marsali has a plan to free Jamie. Jamie gives his blessing. Claire escapes.

How it played:

  • Jamie ever vigilant, watches The Porpoise and sharpens his dirk.
  • Enough with the horseshoe already.
  • Fergus cannae give a posy, so a sachet it is. Queue: AWWWWWW
  • Jamie. It’s not all about you.
  • Buh Bye Porpi.
  • Like a T Rex Jamie goes stomping and thrashing. And chewing scenery.
  • Um Jamie, I hate to tell you, Raines is the Captain, not you man.
  • Cap’n Raines is not yer bitch.
  • So, when did you become an expert on sails Jamie?
  • Damn right you do Captain.
  • Well now Jamie you’ve just assaulted the Captain.
  • My penis err my weapon is bigger than yours.
  • Now look what you’ve done, you’re in the brig.
  • Dear Hayes, why you a camera hog?
  • Silk sail?
  • These decks are so clean, you could eat off them.
  • When you’ve had a wee too much booze?
  • You moron, it’s mostly vomit.
  • You are questioning Surgeon Claire’s AUTHORITAH buddy boy.
  • Elias Pound that’s right you tell ‘im.
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  • Clean hands for all!
  • Grog in lieu of pure alcohol.
  • Claire do you have to yell at sweet Elias?
  • I want to put Mr. Pound in my pocket.
  • Keep your fingers out your mouth boy.
  • Calm and cool Claire.
  • Brownie points to Elias.
  • Scots to the distilling
  • Claire is playing a game of would you rather with the cook.
  • The cook was calling the Scots whores (slags).
  • You tell him Elias.
  • Smug Claire is smug.
  • I can feel Claire’s hands cracking as the pure alcohol dries on her hands.
  • Maybe instructing Elias on the ways of germ management BEFORE he started helping you?
  • He’s 14. A wee bairn.
  • Night night Quigley.
  • The overwhelm is palpable.
  • In search of patient zero.
  • The script is so beautiful in the log. I wonder who wrote it out.
  • They’re dead Jim, all of them.
  • Howard is Typhoid Mary.
  • At least he didn’t call her a whore.
  • FRASER why did they use their real name?
  • And more vomiting Jamie.
  • This episode reminds me of the wee hours of the morning after a huge party.
  • Seriously Jamie, those men are going to hurt her? Your machismo is showing.
  • The rat’s nest for hair he does.
  • Man, you wreak of desperation and vomit.
  • That’s one stupid ass plan. Go back to your bucket. Insert eye roll.
  • Ack this is painful. Cool your tits Jamie.
  • Now you’re just being a dick. Fergus is right.
  • Your pain doesn’t mean you get to be mean.
  • Now you’re blackmailing him? Gah Jamie. STAHP.
  • Looks like Giovanni Ribisi in that there shroud.
  • The dark side of nasal piercing.
  • Claire is getting worn down.
  • Who else recited the Lord’s Prayer with Leonard?
  • Even Claire joined in.
  • Top a-hole move cook man.
  • I was expecting Doctor Who to show up right then.
  • And Elias to the rescue yet again. Pound sand Cosworth.
  • What he said?.
  • Book readers I know, I know. I know who is supposed to be hear right now. It’s okay.
  • Put a bit here and there. Compartmentalizing is what it’s about.
  • Another rabbit reference. The theme of the season.
  • The quick bond between Elias and Claire is lovely.
  • Oh, and he has no mommy.
  • ANNEKJE!!!!!!
  • Dumbass drank the pure alcohol. That’s going to hurt in the morning.
  • Claire’s cool has left the fucking building.
  • Goat’s milk for the win.
  • I spy a Portuguese flag.
  • Oh Claire, you ought not go in there.
  • Not the Bruja.
  • But she finds damning information logged about Jamie. It’s a trap.
  • Who’s the Tompkins?
  • Ugh threatening a fake rape scream. Claire, you could do better.
  • Who’s the hoor now Marsali?hm?
  • Pretty hot though. They have chemistry.
  • Better make sure the flag is down before you’re walking about Fergus.
  • Elias looks awful.
  • Claire is crafting a plan.
  • Spymaster Fergus
  • Drum Roll Tompkins is THE ONE-EYED MAN.
  • It’s getting little shop of horrors up in here.
  • He’s the one who fought with Young Ian and worked for Sir Percival.
  • Crème de Uh Oh.
  • Better than death, she put him with the source.
  • I smile like that when someone hands me cheese.
  • Annekje the ally.
  • “My goats needs grass.”
  • Touché Fergus.
  • The epidemic is contained.
  • Happiness returns in music.
  • Claire searches for Elias and?noooooooo
  • “Mother?” Sniff.
  • No, you cried ugly tears.
  • Book fans, I KNOW, I KNOW. It’s not him here either.
  • Goats plus grass equals escape.
  • But wait there’s more.
  • Damn you Leonard. Foiled.
  • Sweet Jamie has the photos.
  • Marsali hatches a plan.
  • Yer word will set ye free.
  • Jamie stop being a whiner.
  • Schooled by the stepdaughter.
  • FINALLY blessing given.
  • JHRC Claire listen to Annekje and jump!
  • Bloody hell Claire, do it. Now!

Besides Claire’s mad skills, Elias Pound, Fergus, and Annekje are the clear heroes of this episode. Jamie was like Godzilla stomping and burning down Tokyo. Claire jumps. Jamie is freed. Marsali and Fergus get the blessing. What about the one-eyed man? How will Claire warn Jamie?

Learn all about Typhoid from Outlander Medicine, here.

For Book Readers: I know I try my damnedest to keep the books and the television show separate, but this episode hurtled the source material into another dimension too far away. This interpretation of Jamie continues to be hit or miss. He was such an unhinged ass in this episode, I don’t even recognize him. I was truly thankful there was little of him onscreen. I really wish the writers would let Jamie be Jamie. Where’s his humor, his rational and practical thinking? When a bitchy 18 year-old and her 30 year-old ex-pickpocket fiancée are the voices of reason, something is askew. Also, the issue of Lord John Grey not showing up on the ship to give more time to Elias and Captain Leonard, ugh, it’s a big no from me. Coupled with Claire already knowing about Willie, the foundational contempt and confusion will come from where exactly?

What’s Coming up? Episode 311 Uncharted

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One thought on “Heaven and Earth Ep 111

  1. Jo says:

    Agree. It affected my overall enjoyment of episode. I guess this is writers interpretation of Jaime. I didn’t like his interpretation. 😜 Last podcast they described their process best for me. So to not set myself up for disappointment I will assume next episode too will be off with Jaime interpretation.


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