Eye of the Storm Ep 114

Eye of the Storm 313

Written for television by: Matthew B. Roberts and Toni Graphia

Directed by: Matthew B. Roberts


Below are my play by play thoughts. To hear my complete musings, you’ll need to listen to the podcast. Enjoy.

Starz Synopsis: Claire is forced to play a game of cat and mouse with an old adversary as she searches for Young Ian. The Frasers race through the jungles of Jamaica to prevent the unthinkable.

My Summary: Claire is in danger. Young Ian mans up. Unhinged Geillis confronts Claire. The prophecy riddle is solved. Lord John saves Jamie’s neck. Leonard is crushed. Young Ian is being hauled off. Claire is locked up. Jamie frees Claire. They find a dance party. Yi Tien Cho declares his love. Margaret prophecies and channels a child. Yi Tien Cho kills Archibald. Abandawe is reached. Geillis chooses her sacrificial lamb. Jamie gets beat up. Claire stops the traveling. Young Ian is saved. The gems are recovered. Claire remembers the bones. Back to sea, Claire and Jamie play. A storm rises. Woman overboard. Jamie goes in after. They wash up ashore. It’s the New World.

How it played:

  • Holy hell she’s drowning.
  • “I was dead.”
  • A procession of maroons in progress.
  • Where’s her fancy dress? How did she drop off her clothes?
    So, she went back to town changed her clothes then went all the way back to Rose Hall?
  • Batshit Geillis is accusing Claire of being after the treasure.
  • “I’m tired of yer blethering, so leave me be or get on wi’ it, you bitch!”
  • Young Ian fights back. Braw laddie.
    Uh Oh, Hercules grabs Claire brings her to Geillis.
  • (I love Geillis’ gray hair).
  • Claire’s not a good liar.
  • Yeah, sure I’ll sit.
  • Jamie and The Leonard are met by redcoats.
  • LJG saves the day.
  • Bwahaha, no warrant, no Jamie.
  • No affidavit, no Jamie.
  • ” Scurrilous gossip of the lower deck.” Oh, Lord John.
  • Nay, nay you’re no on the sea.
  • Damn, John let the Thomas have it.
  • “Thank you, Lieutenant Leonard!”
  • What has Jamie done for John?
  • Freedom for Jamie and not even a hug.
  • But LJG has honey lips.
  • Geillis doesn’t believe Claire.
  • FFS Geillis.
  • Geillis is unhinged.
  • WTF Geillis. The new king.
  • Brahan Seer you say?
  • Enter the photos. Oh, Claire did you have to?
  • Remember 1968?
  • “He was one of my favorites. Handsome. Such a lovely cock.” Damn Geillis.
  • “A 200-year-old baby, imagine that.”
  • Hey, Claire, you may want to count the photos.
  • What a messed-up apology.
  • Extra creepy hug.
  • Frenemy’s forever.
  • Bloody hell, there’s Young Ian, and I’m locked in.
  • Someone’s coming, eke.
  • Jamie returns and frees Claire.
  • Sure, go toward the drumming, what could happen?
  • Um, sir, is that a crocodile on your head?
  • Claire and Jamie are peering at the scene like Frank and Claire at Craigh na Dun.
  • The ceremony is in full swing.
  • Jinx, Claire it reminds me of the dance at the stones too.
  • And they’re caught.
  • Yi Tien Cho is so gangster, “They are with me.” And the croc head hat wearing leader, nods. Peace out.
  • Campbell is sharing her visions.
  • Yi Tien Cho declares his love for Margaret and her for him.
  • Yay team Cho/Campbell to Martinique they will go.
  • She freaks Jamie out a bit.
  • Creepy she sees Jamie at Culloden.
  • And she sees Claire in the future with the bird.
  • Then Brianna talks through her.
  • Young Ian is at Abandawe.
  • That Maggie, she has some deep skills.
  • Archibald returns.
  • Jamie threatens.
  • Brahan Seer prophecy and the 200-year-old baby. Aha Claire gets it.
  • Claire counts the photos – Bree is the 200-year-old baby.
  • YTC challenges Archie and kills him. Whoa.
  • All the while the ceremony rages.
  • Chicken down.
  • Archie is part of the sacrifice.
  • Abandawe or bust.
  • The stone circle.
  • The cave.
  • Jamie and Claire make a just in case pact.
  • Geillis has Young Ian.
  • Geillis made a circle of gems to sacrifice Ian within.
  • Jamie takes an ass whoopin from Hercules.
  • “A life for a life sweet Claire.”
  • For the greater good. FFS you deserve to die just for saying that.
  • You never loved your baby Geillis.
  • Claire goes in for the tackle!
  • “Dear Geillis, I do not condone murder for the greater good. And please stop being a b*tch. God.”
  • Swashbuckling Claire for the goal. She nearly beheads Geillis. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
  • Jamie frees Hercules.
  • Jamie frees Young Ian.
  • Claire stop looking in the pool. Stop.
  • Young Ian grabs gems. What a merc.
  • They escape the cave and stone circle.
  • Young Ian such a sweet boy.
  • AWWWW Jamie kissing his nephew.
  • Reality hits Claire hard bro.
  • Super Claire breaks down.
  • Dem bones in the future are Geillis. Yep, that’s right.
  • The Abernathy connection, yep you got it now?
  • Jamie comforts Claire as she realizes the bones she examined with Dr. Joe are Geillis.
  • Back on the Artemis.
  • “It’s different.”
  • Pro Tip: Wash the soap off before engaging in face to lady bit contact.
  • “Feel free to rough up my tender bits.”
  • All is well, and it’s time for some sexual healing.
  • Talk dirty to me you Scot
  • “We shall see what noises you dinna make then Sassenach.”
  • If the cabin’s rockin’, don’t bother knockin’.
  • A storm is coming.
  • Storm rages.
  • Why would the ship’s surgeon need on deck Claire?
  • EKE so scary the ship is coming apart.
  • That wall of water, WTF are you on deck still?
  • Claire goes overboard.
  • “I was dead.”
  • OMG, she’s going down attached to the rigging.
  • Jamie jumps in after her.
  • She’s sinking. Jamie’s terrified.
  • Love’s kiss.
  • Drags her to surface. Is she alive?
  • “Damn you Sassenach. If you die here now, I swear I’ll kill you.”
  • They float to the shore on ship’s debris.
  • “Hey mister, you alive?” Poke.
  • On the shore, she’s alive.
  • The Artemis is near with survivors.
  • They are in the New World, Georgia.
  • Panning into the New World.
  • The music is glorious.

Final thoughts: I really liked it. I was never bored. The Yi Tien Cho and Margaret relationship is a little hokey, but I’m a romantic, so it passes muster. Yi Tien Cho murdering abusive Archie was shocking and over the top. I’m not sure the label suits him.  Claire and Jamie finally seem settled and comfortable with each other. The tenderness toward each other is moving and speaks volumes without words. The past is washed away. It’s a reset toward the future into their new life together.  There’s the two of them now.

What coming up? Week 1 Drums of Autumn read-a-long December 17, 2017. Chapter 1. There will also be a bonus Season 3 wrap-up podcast coming up.

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