An Outlander Fan Panel Announcement

We’re Going to Denver Comic Con!

We are pleased to announce coming to Denver Comic Con June 15-17, 2018,  “An Outlandish Outlander Fan Panel,” featuring Desirre Andrews of A Dram of Outlander, Karen Daugherty of Outlander Medicine, and Courtney Williams of Outlander Behind The Scenes.

We are excited to meet with other Outlander fans, dish about the Diana Gabaldon book series, Season 3 of the popular television series, and make grand guesses for the much anticipated upcoming Season 4.

This fan panel is all about audience participation. We dare you to join us outfitted in your Outlander cosplay!

Stay tuned for details of date, time, and room location.

Courtney Williams



Karen Daugherty, Outlander Medicine

Karen Daugherty


Desirre Andrews

Featured image from Outlander Wiki Credit to Starz.

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6 thoughts on “An Outlander Fan Panel Announcement

  1. Congratulations Desirre| You will great at doing a panel. You have a great knowledge base to draw from, and the personality to do it. I hope someone films it, for those of us who won’t be there.



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