The Birds and The Bees Ep 160

Season 4 Episode 409

The Birds & The Bees

Directed by: David Moore

Written by: Toni Graphia and Matthew B. Roberts

My thoughts are below, but you’ll need to listen to the podcast to get my in-depth perspective.

Summary: Brianna returns to her room battered and bleeding. Lizzie tries to help. Roger returns to the tavern for Brianna but is greeted by someone unexpected and forced to leave. Brianna wakes late learning Roger has left.  The Frasers are in town. Brianna and Jamie meet for the first time. Claire is overwhelmed seeing her daughter. Brianna explains the reason for her visit. Young Ian meets his cousin. Lizzie is smitten. Brianna tells Claire all about Roger. Young Ian tells the story of what happened the last time they went upriver. They all arrive at Fraser’s Ridge. Jamie and Brianna bond over bees. Domesticity rules. Roger gets a gemstone and heads to the Ridge. Brianna reveals truths and secrets to Claire. Lizzie makes a proclamation. Jamie takes mistaken vengeance.

It’s All Good:

For the first time maybe ever, I have only good to say about this episode. It hits every beat with superb acting, good storytelling, and every character feeling right in their own skins and actions. This episode feels like the essence of Outlander and why readers go back to the books again and again. Outside of the very first episode, this episode in my favorite of all the seasons. The second viewing was even more satisfying than the first. This episode is what a quality adaptation should look like. The heart and soul of the story and the characters are masterfully brought to life with the alterations blending in as if they have always been there. I hope this is the new standard for the series moving forward. Toni and Matt wrote excellent material for the ensemble of actors, the director, and the host of personnel to turn into something magical.

Miscommunication, Relationship Dynamics, and Secrets:

  • Roger leaving on the Gloriana.
  • Lizzie’s vantage point.
  • Brianna’s guilt over Roger leaving.
  • Father and daughter.
  • Claire’s overwhelm.
  • Teenage hormones.
  • Loyalty and bonding.
  • Brianna’s secrets.
  • Jamie’s secret.

Interesting Links:

So many lingering questions:

  • Why did no one check where the Gloriana was going before assuming it was heading back to Scotland?
  • How is Jamie going to explain his busted-up hand?
  • Will Claire keep the secret?
  • Will Lizzie and Young Ian keep the secret?
  • What will Young Ian do with Roger?
  • Where’s Murtagh sleeping?
  • When will Bonnet pay for what he’s done?
  • How does Brianna’s skirt have pockets?
  • Will Brianna go back to the 20th century or wait for Roger?

Final Thought:

Lack of clear communication and proper investigation mixed with high emotion create a plethora of problems for the characters. Thankfully the preview for episode 410 shows Lizzie spilling the beans to Brianna about Roger being carted away. Then we enter the game of “Where the heck is Roger Mac?”

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4 thoughts on “The Birds and The Bees Ep 160

  1. Fran says:

    I enjoyed your review and agree that it was powerful. In fact, my favorite of the season since America the Beautiful.
    I’m one of the book readers who doesn’t really mind the changes to the series from the novels. To me, it’s all entertaining and enjoyable.
    The only thing that continues to disappoint me is that Sophie Shelton’s acting is just not up to the task of playing Brianna and, therefore, her character development never emerges as it does in the novels. It definitely is a negative on the rest of the stellar cast and affects the emotional impact of the storylines.


  2. Beth Ely says:

    The only question for me is how are they going to finish the book in just four more hours!!!! I really liked this episode but just like last year to rushed. But well done.


  3. Kieran says:

    Some great emotion in this episode. Brianna’s reaction to the rape. Jamie’s reaction to seeing his daughter. Claire’s horror at her daughters rape. The scene of father/daughter bonding was tops though.


  4. Sharon A. Monty says:

    Absolutely wonderful episode and as usual love your recap. You can tell when the writers really understand Claire and Jamies’ characters and the story line. They got so much content done in an hour and it flowed so very well! It seems like they fixed the story line issues in this too! Boy is Steven Bonnet’s character bad/scary! Can’t wait for next week!


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