If Not For Hope Ep 162

Season 4 Episode 411

If Not For Hope

Directed by: Mairzee Almas

Written by: Bronwyn Garrity and Shaina Fewell

My basic thoughts outline is below, you’ll need to listen to the podcast above to get the details!

Summary: Roger is recaptured. Brianna uses art therapy. Brianna sketches a beautiful woman. Jocasta plans a party. Jamie, Claire, and Young Ian are on the trail. There is a worry about Brianna. Young Ian plays a marriage therapist. Fergus finds intel, but not work. Jocasta bears a gift. Marsali knows what a man needs. The eligible men arrive. Brianna commands a parlor game.  A pirate is captured. A proposal will be made. Brianna hatches a plan. Bones are discovered. Jamie and Claire makeup. Roger is put to a test.

This episode brims over with emotional vulnerability and characters being unable to hide who they are, what they are, and exist in bareness for viewers to watch. The overarching theme of hope from hopelessness is a bit over the top and lacks any subtlety whatsoever, yet the message gets brought home for each of the characters loud and clear.

Brianna The Prized Heifer:

  • Salivating single men…mostly.
  • Jocasta is persuasive.
  • A Lord joins the dinner party.
  • A game of psychology.
  • Brianna swoons and begins to gain a friend.
  • An offer he couldn’t refuse.

Lord John:

  • His presence.
  • His friendship.
  • His encounter.
  • Bonding with Brianna.

What’s Up with Roger:

  • He daydreams.
  • He’s tested by the Mohawk villagers.

Jamie and Claire:

  • The divide between them.
  • The makeup.

A Man Needs A Purpose:

  • Fergus’ plight and the wife always knows best.

Murtagh the Wanted:

  • Regulator business.
  • Capturing the pirate.
  • The Bonnet conundrum is fixed.

Lizzie the Loud Mouth:

  • She’s judgmental.
  • She’s irresponsible with her words.
  • She’s loyal.

Final Thoughts:

I wanted to love this episode. So much detail and excellence were given to the whole River Run experience, yet the Jamie and Claire makeup seemed okay but the lacking impact left something missing. The Fergus subplot is plain bizarre since he had a job when Roger ran into him at the newspaper shop. Nevertheless, Marsali shines. Murtagh and Bonnet end up going to jail together. This should prove an interesting story arc in the next episode.

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