Man of Worth Ep 164

Season 4 Episode 413

Man of Worth

Directed by: Stephen Woolfenden

Written by: Toni Graphia

My initial thoughts are below, but you’ll need to listen to the podcast to get the details! Click above.

Summary:  Roger remains imprisoned. Jamie and Claire arrive at the village but are turned away. River Run receives a guest. Brianna awaits the birth of her baby. Otter Tooth is revealed. Young Ian makes a decision. Jocasta gets some lovin’. Testosterone poisoning rears its head. Roger learns the truth. Roger reveals his experiences. A choice needs to be made. A baby is born. Uncle Murtagh enjoys the baby. Jamie and Claire return. The baby has no name. But is Bonnet dead? Roger returns. The British are coming. Tryon assigns Jamie a job.

Things I am Pondering (in no particular order):

  • Hey 1970’s Otter Tooth, how’d you bring the gemstone through the stones without it dissolving?
  • Young Ian is quite decked out in tribal ware and language coming into the episode.
  • Seriously?! They traveled for months, only to get turned away.
  • Why did the Mohawk go roughly 700 miles to bury Otter Tooth’s head and the stone?
  • Why would Murtagh, a fugitive, show up at River Run knowing Jocasta has many British friends?
  • By the way, Murtagh has terrible manners.
  • Where the heck is Lord John? EDIT: He’s away on business.
  • Phaedre’s magical skills feeling the baby’s position through layers of clothing is, well, close to reality. Her technique was decent and well ahead of the times, but hands on a bare belly are needed to really feel for the baby’s position.
  • Would the Mohawk really have taken Otter Tooth’s head and g
  • It’s a good thing Claire knows one word in Mohawk.
  • Will the banished Mohawk woman end up at the Ridge?
  • Jamie, Young Ian outwitted you, sir. He’s a man grown now choosing his own destiny.

  • It’s gut-wrenchingly sad to see young Ian left behind.
  • Who knew being told you were never liked and getting a drink in the face is foreplay? Smooth operator, “Remember where ye came from…”
  • By the way, Murtagh is looking like a fine silver fox lying shirtless in bed. Jocasta is a saucy minx.
  • Testosterone poisoning at its finest. That said, I truly enjoyed Roger’s fighter coming out on Jamie.
  • Young Ian killed the gauntlet. Clever boy.
  • Claire’s annoyed stance looks like any wife, sister, mother, waiting for the boys to stop it.
  • I am curious why Claire did not look at Roger’s obviously injured arm after he stopped hitting Jamie.
  • Roger, Roger, Roger! So many feels. Just so damn good. As he asks questions and the information he is given sinks in and as he shares what he knows, seems to deepen the loss and difficulty of the whole situation.
  • Roger needs a minute! Jamie simmer down.
  • Wait a minute. ROGER cost you a lad that you love? No. Claire did by wearing that damned gemstone of Otter Tooth.
  • One of my fave moments, when Roger says, “What?!” with disdain to Jamie.
  • A gorgeous laboring scene with Brianna being surrounded by women then cut to Brianna being introduced to her baby. What the absolute hell?!

  • “We will choose his birth date wisely, but you can be sure the lad was born in wedlock.”
  • So “Uncle” Murtagh has been hanging around River Run for several months. Interesting.
  • Brianna’s sadness that Roger is not with her parents is tough to watch.
  • But Murtagh do you really know Bonnet didn’t get out of the jail too?
  • What’s the significance of that awkward dinner Brianna decides to show up at? An olive branch of forgiveness?
  • Finally, Brianna’s love for Roger shows when she runs out the door and into his arms. Homerun that.
  • The love is there and we can feel it.
  • “Take me to see my son.”
  • Roger’s looking pretty fine with his low cut 70’s open shirt.
  • The snuggle between Jocasta and Murtagh has Jamie and Claire perplexed.
  • Murtagh’s regulating ways have him in hot water.

Ongoing thoughts:

  • Did Roger stop at the standing stones on the way to River Run?
  • Who’s tending to and settling the Ridge? One-handed Fergus with Marsali’s help and the one other tenant are not capable of doing it all these past many months. That storyline got dropped like a hot potato.
  • Has Roger processed his trauma?
  • Will Jamie fake Murtagh’s death by sending him to Canada or back to Scotland?
  • When in Season 5 will we get to see Young Ian decked out in his new Kanienkehakan manner?
  • What in the heck are the circular pin adornments for? I looked it up and couldn’t find the answer. EDIT: They are pins gained in trade. 
  • Why did Brianna not ask where Young Ian was?
  • The lack of any reconciliation between Jamie and Brianna is strange especially because she told Murtagh she already forgave him.
  • The timey-wimey-ness of Season 4 hurts my brain and made it difficult to figure out any frame of reference. Certainly, Brianna’s timeline was ahead of Roger’s. He was gone for 11 months. Jamie and Claire were gone 6.5-7 months to retrieve him even though they were only a couple of weeks behind him in theory?

See you next up for The Fiery Cross read-a-long.

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One thought on “Man of Worth Ep 164

  1. Mary J Burns says:

    I loved this episode in every way! Aye, some of it was cheesy and unrealistic, would have been better spread out over 2 episodes, but I am a true blue Outlander fan, and I must grant some acting awards: as always, major kudos to the ever under – sung and under praised Sam Heughan! I mean, when is he ever going to be truly recognized and praised??—– a MARVELOUS actor!!
    Then, Richard Rankin, who really came into his own in Season 4 — He,too, deserves recognition!
    Finally, WHY do we have to wait almost a year for Season 5?? I know, always the books, and I love them, DofA is my fav, and loved FC as well, but now I along with hundreds, thousands of others are hooked on Starz Outlander production—– really good work! I think it’s a test to see just how loyal we are!!
    Judith Burns


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