A Day in the Gathering TFC Week 1 Ep 165

The Fiery Cross

Week 1

Chapter 1

Before I begin the opening of TFC, I feel the need to address what we didn’t yet see in some form in S4 of the television show. Six chapters were not covered in the adapted material. And since Roger returned to River Run instead of the Ridge, they’ll be some changes to the order of things and surely some scenes will be omitted altogether.

  • Jamie and Brianna’s reconciliation.
  • Jamie bonding as a grandfather.
  • Lord John recuperating at River Run and traveling with the group until he was to turn toward Virginia.
  • Roger’s oath to the baby and claiming him as his own.
  • Roger and Jamie accepting each other.
  • Roger and Brianna hashing out their feelings and relationship while discovering who each other is now. Who doesn’t want to see Roger awkwardly stripping down the first time he is in Brianna’s intimate space while she breastfeeds the baby?
  • Roger becoming acquainted with his baby.
  • Claire and Jamie’s relationship advice to Roger.
  • The big house being built.
  • Jocasta getting engaged.
  • Naming the baby.
  • The beginning of the Gathering at Mt. Helicon. Days 1-4. OMG A listener brought up the idea that the writers could do away with the Gathering altogether!!! WHOA! 
    • Update from Young Ian.
    • Claire getting Frank’s ring back.
    • Reuniting Lizzie with her dad.
    • Jamie taking the baby gambling.
    • Claire doctoring folks.
    • The Highland Regiment
    • Roger disclosing the contents of Frank’s letter to the Reverend to Jamie.
    • Jamie making peace with Frank.
    • Calling of the Clans

How do you think the writers will fit it in? How do you think it will be adapted? What will end up being ignored?

By Ken Thomas – KenThomas.us(personal website of photographer), Public Domain.

The Fiery Cross begins here.

Chapter 1 Happy the Bride the Sun Shines On

Setting: Mount Helicon, The Royal Colony of North Carolina, Late October 1770

Characters we see:

  • Claire – Sexy dreams, freezing feet, and impossible breakfast math,
  • Frank – Okay, okay ghost Frank. And we only hear him in Claire’s head.
  • Jamie – Sleeping cold really did do a number on his dreams.
  • Roger – He’s getting married in the nick of time.
  • Brianna – Here’s the baby, I’ve things to do.
  • Jemmy – Sweet teething baby.
  • Marsali – Joyful maternal chaos.
  • Fergus – Makes being a daddy of two seem fun.
  • Germain – He’s a free-spirited wild boy.
  • 67th Highland Regiment and Lt. Archibald Hayes
  • Lizzie and her hormones. – The girl started her period and is looking for a man.
  • Duncan Innes – He’s nervous about getting married to Aunt Jocasta and the Regulators riot.
  • The weather. – Dreich, drizzly, windy, and unpleasant.


  • Claire conversing with a ghost.
  • Jamie dreams of becoming the King of Ireland.
  • Roger and Brianna are to be officially married.
    • Jamie doubts Roger’s abilities in the 18th.
  • Governor Tryon’s letter.
  • Jamie inviting people to breakfast.
  • Germain’s antics and family chaos.
  • Brianna’s diaper pin. She’s a clever girl!
  • Roger’s wound. Oops, it’s only a flesh wound!
  • Claire enjoying a moment by herself at the water. Just breathe Claire, you’ll be home soon enough.
  • Hayes’ mysterious need to speak with Jamie.

Next up: Chapter 2.

All images used are creative commons or wiki commons. Featured image.

19th-century diaper pins. By U.S. Patent Office – inventor Walter Hunt.

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