Loaves and Fishes Ep 166

The Fiery Cross

Week 2

Chapter 2

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Summary: Breakfast is served, but not for Claire. Jamie desires an astrolabe. John Quincy Myers summons Jamie. A thief-taker threatens. A mother protects her own. Jamie shows his leadership prowess. Claire has a pop-up clinic. The unintended consequence of high taxes is revealed. A personal account of the riot is offered.

Chapter 2: Loaves and Fishes

Setting: Mt. Helicon, NC, Late October 1770


  • Claire is making breakfast, wanting to be in on the MacGillivray mayhem, and prepping for her clinic day.
  • Jamie is borrowing food, making a list of these he wants to barter for, quashing the MacGillivray mayhem, and learning about Abel MacLennan’s story.
  • Abel MacLennan is eating breakfast, soothing Marsali, and sharing his tax and riot tales.
  • Private Andrew Ogilvie is eating breakfast and sharing the demise of the regiment.
  • Lizzie is mooning over Private Ogilvie.
  • John Quincy Myers is fetching Jamie to assist the MacGillivray family.
  • Fergus is following Jamie into the MacGillivray’s situation.
  • Marsali is helping with breakfast, feeding her baby, and talking to Abel.
  • The MacGillivray Family is in a fix with the thief-taker.
  • The thief-taker is being held by the MacGillivray family.
  • Taxes and crooked lawmen are causing problems.

Of Note:

  • The 67th Highland regiment is disbanding. Safety
  • Lizzie’s hormones. Foreshadowing
  • The Hillsborough Riot aftermath. Story building and foreshadowing
  • Jamie’s intended barters.
  • The McGillivray mix-up. Shows protectiveness and Jamie’s abilities to fix a problem.
  • Claire’s pop-up clinic.
  • Emmenagogues – blue cohosh, ergot, pennyroyal, rue, and blue tansy.
  • Marsali’s cracked nipples.
  • Abel MacLennan’s story.
  • Hillsborough Riot – a personal perspective.

By Datatrade – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

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By Evan from paris, france – astrolabe parts, CC BY 2.0

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