Past Present Future Ep 169

The Fiery Cross

Week 5

Chapters 7 and 8

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Summary: Claire greets an unexpected patient. Ghosts of Culloden emerge with 25-year-old shrapnel. Jamie is given orders. We meet an important pair. Roger questions his place in the family. A baby must eat after all. The MacKenzies of Leoch live on. Roger goes from zero to hero.

Chapter 7: Shrapnel

Chapter 8: The Factor

Setting: Mt. Helicon, NC, Late October 1770 with cool, grey, and wet weather.

Active Characters:

  • Claire is working at her pop-up clinic.
  • Archie Hayes comes to get shrapnel from Culloden removed after hearing how amazing Claire is through Farquard Campbell.
  • Jamie
  • Roger
  • Duncan
  • The Bug’s – Arch and Murdina

By Mondebleu (talk) (Uploads) – Own work, Public Domain.

Of Note:

  • Hayes was 11 years-old at Culloden. Jamie saved him when Murchison shot him at point-blank range.
  • Hayes giving Jamie the letter from Tryon to form a militia.
  • The revelation to Hayes that Jamie didn’t remember much of Culloden and fills in the blanks for Jamie.
  • Duncan is dressed to the 9’s for his wedding to Jocasta.
  • Duncan calls to Roger and introduces him to the new factor for the Ridge.
  • Arch’s wife is an extroverted talkative woman.
  • Roger is upset and allows his mind to reel when he thinks Jamie thinks poorly of him and his thoughts lead to all sorts of insecurities about his abilities in this time. “A hopeless numpty?”
  • Bug takes charge of Roger’s coat and the Jemmy situations. The big house has gained a housekeeper.
  • The idea of Marsali breastfeeding Jemmy comes up because Brianna is not around.
  • Roger’s insecurity increases when Mrs. Bug mentions how the baby will grow to be like him.
  • There is a surprise in learning the MacKenzies of Leoch are somewhere in the Colonies or Canada.
  • Roger becomes Captain MacKenzie.

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