Pride and Virtue Ep 171

The Fiery Cross

Week 7

Chapters 11-12

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Summary: Roger seeks a kindness from Jocasta. Jocasta shocks Roger and she gets a piece of his mind. The Gathering is drawing to a close. Claire’s guts are griping. Germaine sings a tune. The mobcap dies an ugly death. Jamie consoles Claire. Jamie has a plan for the Ridge. A deal is struck. Himself is in demand.

Setting: Mt. Helicon, NC, Late October 1770 with cool, grey, and wet weather.

Chapter 11 Pride

Chapter 12  Virtue

Active Characters:

  • Roger
  • Jocasta
  • Claire
  • Marsali
  • Germain
  • Jamie
  • Joseph Wemyss

Of Note:

  • The importance of family as deduced by Roger after his encounter with Iain Mhor.
  • Roger’s incorrect at believing the Regulators had not made it into the history books.
  • Roger’s internal conflict about the Cameron wealth versus the Findlay family’s lack thereof. His request for Jocasta to help the family felt like the work of the Reverend. Canny Jocasta hatches a plan that won’t hurt the Joan Findlay’s pride.
  • The private conversation between Roger and Jocasta.
  • Claire’s ponderings.
  • Claire’s interaction with Marsali, Germaine, and the teakettle.
  • Jamie returning to camp with the priest.
  • Jamie and Claire by the pool.
  • Jamie and Claire discussing the militia and the Ridge.
  • Josiah Beardsley and the deal.

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