Podcast Hiatus

Hello Listeners,

I know it’s been a few weeks since I produced a podcast for The Fiery Cross read-a-long. I am currently buried with schoolwork right now as I’m furiously working on pre-requisite courses for the next leg of my educational journey. I must have two completed by mid-September and two more by mid-October so I can apply to the nursing program I’m vying for.

Please bear with me as I get adjusted to my new schedule. The podcast WILL be returning, but I can’t give an exact date.

If you have Outlander related podcast topic ideas outside of The Fiery Cross read-a-long, I would be happy to look into those as a means of getting the podcast recorded on a regular basis again. A read-a-long has distinct time challenges at the moment that I can’t meet as hard as I try right now.

I thank you for being loyal and wonderful listeners.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast Hiatus

  1. Kathie Blau says:

    Thanks for you hard work on the podcasts. They are always a treat. Take all the time you need and good luck on your nursing school ambitions.

    Kathie Blau


  2. karen kerr says:

    It’s been a while since your last post so I’m just sending a little note to let you know how much I miss your weekly posts. Love your voice, your humour and your knowledge and the research that you do. Hope all is going well with your schooling and looking forward to your return to all of us. Cheers, Karen Kerr



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