Perpetual Adoration S5 E5

Perpetual Adoration

Season 5 Episode 5

Written for Television by Alyson Evans and Steve Koracki

Directed by Meera Menon

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It all feels very Greek tragedy with the webs, spinners, and lies.

Claire is contemplative, hesitant, and pushed to discover how important a single patient was to her finding her way back to Jamie.  The pursuit of penicillin and subsequent treatment of the Beardsley twins are the catalysts for self-discovery as memories of her patient Graham Menzies and the aftermath of his unexpected death profoundly impacted her path as a woman, mother, and physician. 

Jamie, as ever, a man of honor, duty, and blood defend his family from incursion, exposure, and ultimately chooses takes life as his webs of deceit fall apart when the Ardsmuir rolls arrive. His oath to his family is above any other oath to King, Governor, and country.

Roger’s insecurities get the upper hand yet again before he is wisely counseled by Claire, but not before he explodes on Brianna. In the end, he grows and apologizes to Brianna with a clear view for him moving forward.

Brianna, like her father, has her own webs of deceit thoroughly unravel as she is exposed by Roger and forced to tell the truth about Bonnet. Ultimately, her honesty and emotional vulnerability bring the two of them back together as a team with a future together.

And lastly, because of the manner of introduction, for now, and forever, Adso will be known as “Murder Kitty”.

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