Franklin Wolverton Randall Letters Outlander

Frank Randall the mysterious, conundrum. Bits and pieces revealed through the Outlander book series. He knew things of Claire into the past, about James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, about Brianna, Roger and so forth… He was intelligence – The Service – he knew and had experienced so much more supernatural I believe.


For Outlander fans there is always the question of “What did Frank know and when?”. For this podcast I focused on the Drums of Autumn letter from Frank to the Reverend Wakefield and Written in My Own Heart’s Blood letter from Frank to Bree.


These two letters give the most information in my view and bring up even more questions that only Frank can answer as he reveals to Diana Gabaldon what he knew and when.

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Featured Image. Frank Randall image property of Starz.

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Favorites and Dislikes First 8 Episodes

In the first 8 episodes of Outlander, I have some favorites and dislikes. I imagine you do as well.

Overall I am in love with the show but as with anything, nothing is perfect.

As a fan, it is important to note that one can believe in something yet not agree with every aspect or detail.

Overall Favorites

  • My beloved books and characters coming to life.
  • The actors are all exceptional.
  • The chemistry is spot on between the lot of them.
  • The costuming is gorgeous but blends as it ought.
  • Scotland – yes a big duh.
  • The team producing, writing and making this happen are all fans.
  • Starz for taking this series on and giving it the budget, time, production it deserves.
  • The risks the writers are taking with the adaptation.
  • Men in kilts – again a big duh.
  • Herself
  • Starz for involving the built-in fan base. Smart ones ye’r.
  • Ron for loving and not fearing such material.
  • Bear McCreary
  • Social media involvement of so many of the cast, production, crew, Starz interacting with fans.
  • Makeup and effects.
  • The Gàidhlig – Àdhamh Ó Broin
  • Season two being picked up.

Overall Dislikes

  • The mid-season break. If I was a casual watcher I would not return because of it. I am NOT so I will wait, woefully.
  • Each show is only an hour long. (You think I jest).
  • The bloody wait until episode 109.

Specific Favorites

  • Claire. Seeing her. Hearing her. Yes, yes, yes. Caitriona Balfe takes my breath away.
  • JAMMF  – Sam Heughan IS Jamie. He has captured his physical sensibilities so well.
  • The subtlety falling through the stones took.
  • Frank going downtown on Claire in the surgery. (This is not book Frank at all)
  • Rupert, Angus the “on the road comedic sideshow” and fleshing out of their characters.
  • Murtagh getting more time.
  • Dougal being so layered.
  • Tobias Menzies being completely convincing as both BJR and Frank.
  • BJR scaring the bejeebers out of me EVEN though I basically know what he is going to do.
  • The wedding night – big duh.
  • How Claire told Jamie she wanted to look at him on the wedding night.Her slow walk around. How she touched him.
  • The ’40’s music Claire heard in her head.
  • Mrs. Fitz.
  • Geillis Duncan being so out there. Lotte is a genius in her interpretation.
  • Mrs. Graham telling Frank the story of the stones.
  • The whole Garrison Commander episode. Mind blown. Nightmares had.
  • Ned procuring the wedding dress in a hoorhouse and a wedding date. I about screamed with happy.
  • “Is that Spanish?”
  • Chemistry between Cait and Sam. Palpable.

Specific Dislikes

  • Too much Frank. I have always been a Frank fan, yet his far more screen time than expected seems to have rushed other parts of the story telling. Especially Episode 108. Relationship building between Claire and Jamie and several events felt compressed to make room for Frank.
  • Claire and Frank running to the stones at “maybe” the same time and “maybe” hearing each other in episode 108. I GET it but still after a few viewings feel it is a bit over the top, overwrought and cheesy.
  • The wedding ring. I enjoy the sentiment, the making of it, but not the style.
  • Claire’s painfully squished breasts in her wedding clothes undergarments.
  • The early episode Claire voice overs seemed too numerous or obvious.
  • Laoghaire because she exists. LOL. I have Herself to thank for this one.
  • The blasted wait until episode 109.

What are your favorites and dislikes? I am sure to have missed something. Please leave a comment, tweet me or post on Facebook!

The In Between


The in between each half of Outlander”s season 1 is proving to be a very strange and almost too quiet space.

The gear up for the show was a long, gorgeous, slow burn that continued well past the premiere through each episode airing. It entailed so much fervor, excitement, surprise, and connection. The fandom grew by leaps and bounds. Everyone joined in, a big love bubble, Starz, cast, crew, Diana Gabaldon, and the production team.

I miss my onscreen friends, Claire, Jamie, Dougal, Angus, Rupert, Ned, et al. No I do not miss Black Jack Randall. Not frank so much either. Claire has things to do in 18th century Scotland.

So much so, that now the it feels like we are all a bit parched and needing a true dram of Outlander to soothe us.

So now what? I for one am going through The Scottish Prisoner and The Outlander Companion by Diana Gabaldon and allowing my imagination to go wild about things to come. My brain squirrel is trying to find details and crack codes to share with you all. I am still tweeting, Facebooking, podcasting!

Be prepared for my posts and podcasts to seem random and all over Outlander creation. I promise they will somehow make a puzzle, a map and make sense in the end. That is my goal anyway.

Thank you for coming along this ride with me as I plan on delving deeper into this wonderful obsession er hobby.

Slainte mhath.