A Malcolm

A. Malcolm

Written for Television By: Matthew B. Roberts

Directed By: Norma Bailey

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This 74 minute episode covers roughly a 24 hour period.  There’s humor, awkwardness, tears, surprise, restraint, vulnerability, love, sexy sex, a memorable meal, and so much more. I adored the slow burn of this episode. Jamie and Claire finally reunite after 20 years apart. They fall back into intimacy and bed, yet it isn’t quite that simple. Jamie appears to have a large secret, even though he quickly told Claire about Willian, his bastard son. Claire left everything behind, took the biggest chance possible to recapture the love of her life once more.

The direction makes for pleasurable viewing and the writing takes us back to the wedding episode, when they were first discovering each other.

It’s emotions brewing at the surface, but held at bay. It’s the ease of conversation, after years of not opening up. It’s being seen, accepted, and wanted. It’s revelations shared. It’s about overcoming the past toward a new future.

It’s definitely worth the watch, rewatch, and watching again. Enjoy the burn!

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