Countdown To Scotland 

It is near panic time prepping life to be left behind as we head to Scotland as a family in 6 days.

The to-do list is frankly lengthy and overwhelming. I keep telling myself to breathe. It only takes one thing at a time to tackle it.

The mundane things like setting up autopay for bills, stopping mail, stocking food for house sitter, cleaning everything… You get the picture. Time is a precious commodity that there is never enough of it seems.

6 people. 6 passports. One minivan rented.  5 different lodgings acquired. One custom semi-dress kilt to be picked up in Edinburgh. The anticipation alone is priceless.

In a few short days, I will be jumping up and down as we deplane in Glasgow. I feel like a 6 year old with money to spend in a candy store.

I want to see and experience ALL THE THINGS.  My heart leaps at every thought forward. My heart home soon will be a reality.

I will be still blogging and podcasting Outlander related materials, along with daily trip posts and pray my internet is good while traveling.

The Twitter hashtag to follow my antics will be #ADOOScotland.

I hope you will come along and enjoy the with me and my family.

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