Outlander Panel at LI WHO3

I recently moderated an Outlander panel at the LI Who 3 Convention while visiting NYC.  My husband graciously agreed to go with me, even though we were on a trip for our 21st wedding anniversary. Turns out, his job was to video the proceedings for me to make a podcast and YouTube posting. I’m still working on the editing, it will be up soon.

Leading up to the panel, I was terrifically nervous, knowing I was going to not only meet Frazer Hines and Annette Badland, but I was going to moderate a near hour-long panel with them. Why the nerves? I had moderated panels in the past, as well as, been on panels, but for my work and advocacy.  Entertainment is a different animal. These two have been in the business for many years and have done countless interviews. I wanted them to have a good time in all of this as well.

I prepped by writing, what I estimated to be 42 minutes of questions for them to answer. I wanted to be sure there was time for audience Q and A.  It turned out to be a small audience, so I was thankful to have had a good amount of material to pull from.

My goal was to have a Claire cosplay outfit for the event, I was unable to make that happen, so I wore my beautiful, official Outlander tartan shawl, in the midst of some amazing Doctor Who inspired cosplay wear. I had many positive comments from Whovians about my tartan.  They understood the Outlander/Doctor Who convergence.


As soon as Annette and Frazer came in the room and sat at the table, it was obvious they didn’t know the panel was to be moderated. I greeted them both, putting them at ease that they wouldn’t be up there free-form for almost an hour.  And we were off and running. They were both incredibly kind, funny, and charming.

A few things they talked about…..Frazer kept trying to make a case that he (Sir Fletcher) and Mrs. Fitz should have a thing next season. Frazer, well he loves the tricorn hat and wants to come back as a redcoat. Annette disclosed that more of Ms. Fitz was written into Outlander Season 2, but because of her ongoing commitment to the other show she is on, she had to turn it down. She said the powers that be are trying to resolve it. Since the Outlander series is being shown on Amazon Prime in the UK, neither said they are recognized often for their characters at home, though fans from other countries recognize them. Neither took home any souvenirs from the set.  Annette adored working with all the boys on set. And yes, it was as cold as it looked like on TV. I will post the complete manuscript and hopefully the audio/video in the next few days.  

The time flew by and in a blink the 50 minutes was up.  I am not going to lie, I was “fangirling” pretty hard on the inside. Then getting abundant hugs and cheek kisses from Annette, well, that put the cherry on top of my already delicious ice cream sundae. They both said they were surprised at how quickly the time went and thanked me for doing a good job.


Finally, my special thanks to the LI Who showrunner, Ken Deep and LI Who Press and Media maven, Andre Tessier, for inviting me to moderate the panel. It was my pleasure to be there.

LI Who is gearing up for their 4th convention next November. For more information, find them on Facebook, Twitter, and their website.

Sadly, Annette Badland is not on social media, but Frazer Hines is on Twitter. I venture he’d like to here from you about his Sir Fletcher role and about being the inspiration for the much beloved Jamie Fraser.

For more background on the panel, see my previous post.



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Outlander Panel Long Island’s Doctor Who Convention


CALLING all Long Island and local area Sassenachs and Outlanders.

November 14, 2015, I will be hosting the Outlander panel at the Long Island’s Doctor Who Convention.

Why would Outlander be present at a Doctor Who convention? There is an intrinsic link between the two. A Doctor Who episode, inspired the location and timeline for the practice book, that became the ongoing Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon and the now popular Starz television series.


Frazer Hines, who portrayed the kilt wearing Jamie McCrimmon on the above mentioned Doctor Who episode, alongside Annette Badland, who currently plays Mrs. Fitzgibbons on the television show, will be on the panel.

Frazer also recently had a cameo appearance on Season 1 of the Starz television series, playing Sir Ian Fletcher, governor of Wentworth Prison, where Jamie Fraser was being held by Black Jack Randall. For her tie-in, Annette has appeared on Doctor Who, as Margaret Blaine.

Outlander 2014

I am quite excited about meeting these two and spending an hour in q and a with them. If you have a question you would like me to ask, please email me , tweet or Facebook me by Friday, 11/13. Please use hashtag #ADOOLIWho in tweets.

The panel is on Saturday 11/14 at 6pm, Program C. Tickets are still available for the Con.

A gracious thank you to Ken Deep, the L.I. Who showrunner, for inviting me to participate. Follow LI Who  on Twitter and Facebook.


The panel will be recorded for the podcast and YouTube channel.

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Outlander Season One Volume One DVD Release Deleted Scenes

After viewing the deleted scenes on the Outlander Season One Volume One Blu-Ray DVD Release, I believe in the editing process as a win for viewers.

The walking through Castle Leoch of Murtagh taking Claire to meet Himself, the Laird, Colum MacKenzie for the first time went on too long. The Claire voice overs were distracting and I am grateful they were limited in the final versions. The alternate sequence of the wedding vows played odd as Claire was looking as if she would fall right to sleep standing at the altar.

Though all the deleted scenes had some insights and additional information for the viewer, they were not necessary for understanding the characters, themes, or falling more in love with the series.

Now to the Achilles’s heel of being a reader fan and a viewer fan.

The one very large exception, a VERY LARGE EXCEPTION to the editing is a glaring deleted scene. The. Honesty. Speech. That was sorely missed during the bridal chamber discourse between Jamie and Claire. Lo and behold it was shot and then cut. The sequence took all of a few seconds of screen time. I was crushed at first to see it, to hear it, knowing viewer fans know not of it’s existence. I said something out loud (likely of the cussy type. I honestly cannot recall what as I was so stunned at the moment) to the dear friend I was viewing with.  After a few deep breaths, I found hope. Perhaps it will be shown in a flashback when Claire is pondering to be truthful or lie to Jamie where keeping a secret is not an option.

Only time will tell as the second half of Season One is nearly upon us.

If you have the opportunity, I do recommend watching the numerous deleted scenes. Outlander edited to the proverbial cutting room floor is still Outlander and well worth the watch.

Outlander Sneak Peek Blu-Ray Extras

Outlander Starz Facebook page  and Twitter account posted the sneak peek video from the blu-ray edition of season one volume one to be released March 3, 2015.

Twitter Video 

Caitriona Balfe (Claire Fraser) introduces the clip and along with Ronald D. Moore (Producer) and Annette Badland (Mrs. Fitzgibbons) discusses the authenticity of the set. Ron points out the kitchen is based on the real kitchen of Castle Doune. That the hearth is as big as we see it onscreen in real life. Annette shares that there are real dead birds and pieces of meat hanging in the kitchen so it feels very immediate and real. Caitriona says there is no need to pretend is it a real castle. The sets feel very realistic.

The set is exquisitely beautiful and has the feel, darkness of 18th century authenticity for the viewer. I imagine it is a transforming space for the actors to easily become the character that is being played.

Caitriona Balfe introducing the blu-ray clip.



The Great Hall.



The kitchen.









Annette Badland.



The Great Hall.





The hearth.



More kitchen.





Caitriona Balfe as Claire.


These extras leave me wanting to go back to Castle Leoch.

A Happy Holidays from Outlander 2014

Outlander Starz posted a happy holidays video with the cast filmed prior to their filming break.


It is wonderful seeing faces we have been missing week to week.

Caitriona “Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser” Balfe


Nell “Laoghaire” Hudson


Annette “Mrs. Fitz” Badland


Lotte “Geillis Duncan” Verbeek


Graham “Dougal MacKenzie” McTavish and Gary “Colum MacKenzie” Lewis


Tobias “Frank Randall/Black Jack Randall” Menzies


Sam “JAMMF” Heughan



April cannot get here soon enough. Until then Happy Holidays!