Outlander Starz Promo Pics

The new promotional pictures released by Outlander Starz are absolutely fantastic.

A bit of droughtlander relief for our Outlander desert days.

Each picture features a clever turn of phrase.

This one is terrifying. Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) a sociopathic sadist with his eye on a particular prize to possess . He is “super fun” at parties I imagine. The small talk, can you imagine?

Claire her big secret will be revealed to Jamie. We will also see her well integrated as a passionate, fierce, smart, courageous, throw “it all in for love” warrior. The English woman no longer.


Hot for Scot this one could read. Now when are we seeing Jamie in the famous Marilyn Monroe over the vent photo? Jamie has a demon to confront, a big secret to understand, saving to do, and saving to be had. He will grow, break, heal, and so much more.