“You Are My Wife”

Click here for the exclusive Entertainment Weekly “You Are My Wife” Outlander clip.

After Jamie and the other Highlanders rescue Claire, there is great discontent between them.

An angry Jamie. A very angry Claire feeling accused of trying to punish him when she went for a walk leaving Willie to his ablutions. Remember, this is only a few days after almost being raped and Jamie being helpless to save her. She was angry and in shock after having to kill one of the deserters. Jamie and the men had then gone to see Horrocks to try and get information to clear Jamie’s name. So they left Claire with Willie watching over her. She was still muddled and in shock from the recent events. When Willie had to relieve himself she went for a stroll and happened to see Craigh Na Dun in the near distance. She ran toward the stones. Fleeing her plight, seemingly toward the safety of Frank. When she almost had her hands upon the stone, she was picked up by English soldiers and taken to Black Jack Randall. Jamie found Claire under assault by BJR when going to save her.

“Christ Jamie I went for a walk!” Claire  

“I ordered you to stay put!” Jamie








Around and around they go coming to near blows.


Jamie has no idea why Claire ran toward the stones. Yet. Claire still cannot quite wrap her mind around needing to be protected. She has no understanding of the danger everyone was put in, especially her new husband Jamie. Not yet.



This time. This place. Sometimes she must listen to him.  They fight it out, harshly at times. Both say words that hurt. Both amend. Later.

They are a complicated pairing.  Well matched in love and fighting.


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New Images From Mid-Season Premiere Outlander

Oh look at these photos from the Outlander Starz Twitter account. They do like to tease us. Lure us in. Keep us wanting more. So smart those at Starz.

  •   Laoghaire looking dyspeptic. What do you think Laoghaire is up to? Is she going to simply go on her unmerry way?
  •   Run it is Black Jack Randall. Black Jack is always up to no good. I do not want to think about what he is contemplating.
  •   Claire and Jamie. They are just beginning and the odds seem precarious.
  •   Rupert and Angus. I want to hang out and drink whisky with “Ang-Pert”.

The more bits and clips Starz releases, the more exciting it all becomes. I want it NOW daddy.

I have missed our Outlander TV friends very much over the past 6 months. I took the time to go back and reread Outlander whilst awaiting Season One resuming.

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The Married Life Trailer




The latest trailer released by Outlander Starz looks into the newly married life of Jamie and Claire Fraser. 

Jamie is in the process of learning how it all works. They are profoundly tested as a couple. They are married before they fall in love. 

 As star, Caitriona Balfe puts it, “It’s not like there is a happily ever after straight away.”  A new place. A new life. So much to get used to.

 The journey of Claire and Jamie is incredibly worth watching as they grow together. 



Beyond the passionate attraction and physicality, there is a deeper story, a deeper relationship that will draw you in. 



If you have not fallen in love with them yet as a viewer, you will by the end of this season.    



The sex is unbelievably hot with both of them enjoying it, desiring the other.



Adventure. Drama. Decisions. The world of Claire and Jamie is never boring.



It is going to be a fabulous, challenging, and sometimes tearing your guts out ride.

Wedding Night Pillow Talk

A People Magazine exclusive, the  alternate version of  pillow talk between Claire and Jamie on their wedding night. Ronald D. Moore introduces this clip giving background on the original filming that concluded with the flashback to when Claire and Frank were married and the decision to edit the scene into the montage version we saw in the completed aired episode.


The discussion begins with an almost kiss with Claire at the last moment asking Jamie to tell her about his family. Sweet and nervous.




Taking turns they talk about his dad, mother, some extended family, the tragic passing of her parents when she was young, how his parents met and married.






A key moment that stands out to me in this scene highlights the absolute necessity of this marriage between Jamie and Claire.

Here is the setup:

Claire responds to Jamie talking about Colum wishing Ellen to marry Malcolm Grant to bring the clans together.  She says, “Your mother was not in love with Malcolm Grant?.  Facing away while pouring whisky, Jamie practically says,  “Love and marriage do not always go hand in hand Sassenach”.  Claire shifts uncomfortably in her seat, trying to regain composure and mutters “indeed” in a low breath. He is visibly disquieted blinking and resetting himself before turning around to continue the storytelling.











I cringed with them watching this. The awkwardness. The newness. The gravity of words at this stage of their barely launched and tenuous union. The realization they know very little of each other yet must consummate this marriage to turn Claire into a Scotswoman for her own safety against Black Jack Randall’s demands.

This entire scene has depth, a subtlety that emanates clearly the excitement and difficulties of Claire and Jamie’s circumstances.

Viewing this scene in the full versus the montage version provides a continuity, a back and forth that is enthralling. The emotions are felt purely and progressively. Truly a lovely experience to view it as a whole.