Similarities to Claire

After being an Outlander fan since 1991 it struck me recently how much I have in common with Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser. Does that make me a narcissist for loving her so or a kindred spirit?

The most obvious, we both possess the “hair that don’t care” one bit. Brown and curly.

Mine are green brown hazel, however, the brown is the same whisky shade.

Vernacular, Style, and Personality
I too speak bluntly, frankly, clinically, authoritatively, and sometimes with an effortless yet surprising blue streak.

Sometimes I am rash in action and speech. Holding my tongue is not a simple act either.

I will fight tooth and nail.

I can lack a fear of men in the same way.

I am a feminist believing in equality.

I sometimes do the opposite of what I say.

I am confident in my sexuality with a healthy appetite.

I protect those I love. I would kill if I had to.

I must come to aid of another.

I am a terrible liar unless I must for a serious reason.

I love nature, men, and participating in life.

I love a hot bath to soak in.

I am passionate, fierce, and loving.

My first husband was of English descent and my second is part Highland Scot (okay not full blooded I concede this). I was almost 19 first go round and 27 my second.

I am a midwife. Not quite the military nurse or physician, but I hold my own. I know about herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, and many medications. Planning additional training.

I lost my mother at a young age.

I am a working mother.

How are you like our Claire?




My Friends In Two Outlander Universes

I am absolutely ecstatic there are TWO Outlander universes where the characters of Outlander now reside. My longtime since 1991 much beloved book friends and my since 2014 Starz TV series friends.

I find it a seamless transition between each whether I am reading the books or viewing the show.

It is an utterly fascinating process writing and podcasting about both ‘verses. I am remarkably still discovering more within the book series. The TV series has only deepened my love and quest to understand it more fully.

My thoughts below about both ‘verses of friends.

My Books Friends

  1. You are all firmly planted in my heart and mind . Who you are to me remains intact.
  2. We’ve lived, loved, laughed, grown, cried, grieved, and fought together.
  3. I cheer your fortitude, strength, loyalty, integrity, and resiliency.
  4. Oh the things we’ve been through together. I love you so.
  5. We started out near the same age, over time all older, adding children, moving homes, adventuring, literally having sharing decades together.
  6. I know what has happened. We’ve history.
  7. You’ve seen me through many serious life changes. A source of comfort and warmth like family.
  8. Your final chapters will be written as you speak your endings to Diana. I grieve the thought.

My TV Series Friends

  1. I embrace all you are, the familiar and the different.
  2. I’ve your backs as far into the future we go together, bring it on.
  3. I cannot wait to see your full character tried, tested, unfolding in front of my eyes.
  4. We are beginning a beautiful, hopefully very long lasting relationship.
  5. Still in your youth with paths wide open.
  6. Spoilers dahlings.
  7. You’ve connected me with many new and very real friends.
  8. You are just beginning your long wild adventure.

So much to go around for years and years and years more. Forever friends are Outlander friends.

Reasons We Adore Claire

Below I list many of the reasons I believe we adore Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser. She stands the test of time as a beloved character. She belongs to all time it seems.

She is my absolute favorite fictional female character of all time. Yes, I know we all sometimes forget Claire is actually only real in our minds and hearts.

To me she is all these things and more.

Matter of fact
Expletive tongued
Glass faced
Real. I mean the woman has faults.
Unfussy beauty
The way she can drink
Willfully blind sometimes

In short, she is each of us in some way. Diana Gabaldon wrote a realistic multifaceted woman.

Claire is a woman who wants to belong, to participate fully in life, to love deeply, to be loved and cared for back. She wants to be seen for who she is. She wants to feel secure and safe. Her desire to be unconditionally accepted. Any of this feel familiar? She sounds much like me.

The way she resonates in her strengths and flaws is beyond what I have experienced before or since in any book.

Now with the amazing Caitriona Balfe bringing her out of the books onto the screen, Claire is forever with a visage and voice. Thank you Cait for doing her so well.

That’s my .50 point of view.

Why do you adore Claire?


Reckonings: Was Justice Served? Podcast Episode 9

The Outlander series definitely does not shy away from controversy or difficult concepts. The topic of this podcast is no different. This is one of the most talked about scenes in all of the books combined. Claire receives a strapping by Jamie for unintentionally putting herself, him, and all the men in very serious harms way.

A recent article called the punishment a spanking. I disagree with that sentiment on many levels. In truth, my 21st century sensibilities have raised hackles and protest. Though to be fair when I really look at the scene, the time, the place, the reason,………


Was justice served? Was Jamie a brute? Was Claire careless? You be the judge.

You’ll have to listen to the podcast below to find out all my thoughts.
Listen to this podcast!

“It’s all Claire’s fault…”

“It’s all Claire’s fault there’s time travel in Outlander.” Diana Gabaldon

That is what Diana says in The Columbian article by Susan Parrish, in which Diana is featured.

I do love how Diana says the characters tell her who they are and what they are doing.

Perhaps this is a reason the characters leap off the page evoking any and every emotion for the reader. Why they seem truly real. Why we connect so deeply with them. Why we hear them so clearly.

I do giggle a wee bit at the blaming of Claire for the time travel. Claire usually finds a way to get where she needs to be. Eventually.

As ever, we must love Claire for her strong headed self.