Wedding Anticipation Ep107

The buzz is thick. Fans of the books and Outlander TV series are a frenzy over The Wedding episode airing tonight.

ANTICI—-PATION is palpable.

Claire needs protection from Black Jack Randall. If not for being turned into a Scot by marriage then legally Dougal would have to turn her over at Ft. William. Clever Dougal and Ned Gowan.

Jamie is the chosen groom by Dougal. No prospects. A wanted man. Available. More revelations to come later. It is complicated.


Dougal informs Claire after their visit to the garrison and her horrific altercation with BJR that she must be turned into a Scot by marriage. Obviously Dougal and Ned have been a plotting. She is reticent but prefers staying out of English prison.

Oh such a lovely engagement it was too. I am still smirking about her taking the entire whisky bottle for herself.


The ever excellent godfather Murtagh assures Jamie Claire is a good one. She has a sweet smile like his mother Ellen had. Murtagh is going to make us all tear up.


Before sundown the next day the wedding must take place. Preparations. The vows. Before the wedding night to seal the deal. Certain tissues will be required. Jamie in full regalia. Claire in a loaned but beautiful dress. A new/old kirk. The blood vow. We are in for a ride tonight.


The lawful consummation must take place. An inn full of witnesses are present. Jamie is raring to go. Come on he IS a virgin, had been wanting some Sassenach “kisses” and obviously loves Claire. She is now struggling with being a bigamist. An age old time traveler question! Can she be a bigamist if her husband has not been born yet? Anyway, she is also obviously attracted to Jamie and as agreed to the consummation but… Again it is complicated.



The Claire and Jamie story begins tonight.

He declares everything he is and has. All in baby that is Jamie. This is far more than simply protecting Claire from BJR.

For Claire, well you shall see.

Slaintè mhath! We have a wedding to attend…..

They Say I’m a Witch Stills

Another Episode 102 clip. This one featuring Geillis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek) and Claire (Caitrions Balfe) gathering medicinal plants.

They grow into a complicated friendship. Claire likes her and is leery at the same time. I look forward to Geillis’ character development and seeing how she is different off page.

They Say I’m a Witch, is foreshadowing a pivotal event for both women.

Geillis is a wily, provocative character. What say you? Is she a witch or not?

Geillis discussing plants with Claire that bring on the flow, cause miscarriage.




“They say I’m a witch.” Claire’s simple response of “Are you?” Is perfect.



Geillis inviting Claire to her home. She has potions, and more.



Episode 102 Preview and Stills

Episode 102 preview is up on the Starz site for watching, rewatching, analysis, whoots, and anything else you’ve in mind.

Episode synopsis:


Claire at Castle Leoch.



Questioning inquiring about Colum having her followed.


Seeing the scars and Jamie recounting story to Claire.





Jamie flashback being grabbed at Lallybroch by BJR.



Jamie talking to Claire in the paddock,


Geillis and Claire conversing.



Colum agitating Claire.



So much more to come….

Are you excited yet for Episode 102? I know I am. Having watched episode 1 10 times, ish.

My husband stated he needs to watch 101 again before Saturday.

Hook. Line. Sinker. Outlander fishing.

Perhaps he will wear his kilt while we view together…

A wife can dream.

Brainy Bold Brave Bold

Words to describe Claire. Oh and also brazen tongued. And braw.

Between her attitude, actions, speech and inability to mask her thoughts, it is pretty clear who she is.

She is a healer. A survivor. A woman of passion.

A tough personality for a woman to be even in the 1940’s. 1743. A true rarity.

Yet, she can be nothing other than who she is.

Most often her ways keep her safe, needed, alive. There are times it puts her under suspicion and in grave peril.

Reconciling and navigating mid 20th century gender roles, societal norms, attitudes with the 18th are no small feat.

It will be a great pleasure watching her grow relationships, use her vast skill set, and making her way in the 18th century throughout Season 1….