Nor Ghost or Creature Comforts – Voyager Week 6

Voyager Podcast Series

Week 6

Chapters 18-20

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In this week 6 installment of the Voyager read along, “Nor Ghost or Creature Comforts”, we find Claire heading back to Boston to take care of necessary business she’s been ignoring while in Scotland for the months past. We get to know her best friend, fellow physician Joe Abernathy and see her go through the process of closure. She’s waiting to hear from Brianna and Roger who are on the hunt for Jamie Fraser. If they can pinpoint an exact time, Claire gets to choose if she’s going through the stones to find him for herself.

The tension is building as the story moves forward. Will Roger and Brianna find Jamie Fraser? Will Claire be able to put ghosts to rest? Will she choose to return to the past to find her one true love?

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What’s Coming up? Week 7 covers chapters 21-23. The next Outlander Science Club Prompt is “Where did your smile come from?” Desirre Andrews will be discussing physical traits and ticks and genetics.

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Trailer. Claire Randall. Claire Beauchamp. Claire Fraser.

“So much had happened.”



“I was Claire Randall.”

“Then Claire Beauchamp. “

“Then Claire Fraser.” 



Who is Claire? Who does she want to be? 

In this new clip from Outlander Starz, Claire questions. Claire answers.

Her acceptance. Her transformation.

She belongs.

There are a few new snippets of film to be pondered and theorized upon.  I have my own ideas….. What are yours?











Long ride.






BJR going down.



Come back to me.









The 5 Most Shocking Voyager Revelations

Stop don’t read further if you don’t wish to know what happens 20 years down the Outlander timeline. posted an article sharing “The 5 Most Shocking Revelations from Diana Gabaldon’s Novel Voyager”.

They are indeed shockers that catapult the reader into a veritable tizzy of emotions.

These moments include:

Jamie becoming
a post-Culloden Legend

Frank leaving Claire and dying in the process.

Laoghaire and Jamie marrying under the hand of Jenny Murray (Jamie’s sister).

William being born to Lady Geneva.

Claire’s return.

What are your favorite shockers from Any of the books?