Happy International Women’s Day

Diana Gabaldon has given the world one of the most amazing female character’s ever written. 

Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser is a woman ahead of her time. She is an equal. Brainy, protective, fierce, strong, capable, courageous, and passionate.  She stands up for what she believes in. She wields leadership well. She loves deeply. 

A feminist. A woman. A lover. A friend. A wife. A warrior. A healer. A mother. 

Caitriona Balfe brings her to life with complexity and depth. She embodies our beloved Claire. 

Season 2 Musings

Season 1 has not finished airing by half yet, but every time I see a Twitter post from Matt Roberts or Maril Davis about Season 2 work being done, I figuratively and sometimes literally squeal.

It is surely a readers response.

Dragonfly in Amber introduces so many pivotal characters.

Brianna Ellen Randall (Fraser)
Roger MacKenzie Wakefield (wee Roger grown)
Master Raymond
Alexander Randall
Mother Hildegarde
Fiona Graham
Lord John Grey (a taste)
Bonnie Prince Charles
………..among many others

The mere thought of seeing ALL of them in the flesh is beyond delight.

Paris. Oh my. The court. The contrast to the streets. The hospital. Intrigue. Sex. Violence. Healing. Grief. Oh yes it will be magnificent.

The build from Season 1, I believe will surpass even the fervor of the premiere itself.

For now I dream of each while waiting quite impatiently for the rest of Season 1.