It’s an International Jewelry Giveaway!

It’s an International Giveaway!


This beautiful glass pendant and earring set were designed and handmade by the talented Erin Adams Conrad. The dragonfly inset and amber colored glass are inspired by Diana Gabaldon’s Dragonfly in Amber book. Along with her friend Alyson Bailey, Erin has been creating glass items for just over a year. Their pieces are displayed and for sale through Facebook. They are both huge Outlander fans, and several of their pieces are directly influenced by the books and TV series.

I am so excited to be partnering with Erin. Be sure to click above to enter for your chance to win this amazing jewelry!

Terms and Conditions: The giveaway runs from 4/25/2018-5/1/2018 11:59am. A winner will be randomly chosen on 5/2/2018 at 12:01am MT. The winner will be contacted by email after the contest ends. The winner has 48 hours to respond to claim the prize or it will be awarded to the runner-up. The handmade glass earrings and necklace with dragonfly inset are by Erin Adams Conrad. They are being given away by A Dram of Outlander. All Rights Reserved.

The Outlander book series is written by Diana Gabaldon. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook

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IGN Sam And Cait SDCC2015 Interview

Max Scoville (@MaxScoville) and Roth Cornet (@RothCornet) of IGN interviewed Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan at the San Digeo Comic-Con today (7/10./2015).

This is one of the better interviews I have come across recently,  with solid questions for Sam and Cait to field. The discussion surrounds the S1 Finale and the upcoming S2 based on Dragonfly In Amber the second book of the 8 book series.

Though no spoilers were given for current fans of the show (and books), they share a few details about what is to come. The adaptation  of book to screen is even more challenging this season, but the essence and themes will be captured according to Cait. As Sam put it, when they are back in Scotland the second part of season 2, there  will be more mud and blood.  Caitriona talks about Claire’s struggle to follow a new set of social rules as a  woman when they arrive in France. Of course, the pregnancy and impending parenthood will be focused on as Jamie and Claire learn to work together, keep their bond and love during the season.

Please enjoy the screen captures.


The screen captures and video are property of IGN.

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Season 2 Character Casting Announcements 

The casting for Season 2 is exploding this week. As with Season 1, impressive choices thus far. Welcome to the Outlander family.

Rosie Day as Mary Hawkins a shy girl whom Claire takes a liking to. In time she proves to be a very important character.  Find her on Twitter @RosieDayDream.

Andrew Gower as his highness Bonnie Prince Charles the key to an historic event.  Find him on Twitter @TheAndrewGowan.

Natalie Spence as a wife. I wonder if she will have a tryst with a famous character. Find her on Twitter @nataliespence20 and Facebook.

Romann Berrux as much beloved Fergus (Claudel) an orphaned street child with a soecialty in pickpocketing who Jamie adopts. Incredible adventures await.

Dominique Piñon as Master Raymond. Sorcerer? Magician? Apothecary? What is he exactly? I am most excited about meeting him onscreen.

Robert Cavanah as Jamie’s wine merchant cousin Jared Fraser.

Stanley Weber as Le Comte St. Germain a mysterious and intriguing character who is involved in politics and society. Find him on Facebook, Twitter @Stanleyweber, and Instgram.

Each one will bring something special to the screen. Sister Hildegard, King Louis, Alexander Randall, Roger MacKenzie Wakefield, and Brianna Fraser are certainly on deck to be announced. A very exciting wait indeed.

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Season 2 Musings

Season 1 has not finished airing by half yet, but every time I see a Twitter post from Matt Roberts or Maril Davis about Season 2 work being done, I figuratively and sometimes literally squeal.

It is surely a readers response.

Dragonfly in Amber introduces so many pivotal characters.

Brianna Ellen Randall (Fraser)
Roger MacKenzie Wakefield (wee Roger grown)
Master Raymond
Alexander Randall
Mother Hildegarde
Fiona Graham
Lord John Grey (a taste)
Bonnie Prince Charles
………..among many others

The mere thought of seeing ALL of them in the flesh is beyond delight.

Paris. Oh my. The court. The contrast to the streets. The hospital. Intrigue. Sex. Violence. Healing. Grief. Oh yes it will be magnificent.

The build from Season 1, I believe will surpass even the fervor of the premiere itself.

For now I dream of each while waiting quite impatiently for the rest of Season 1.