Claire was put through the emotional and physical ringer in a Episode 104, The Gathering.


Trying desperately to escape. At every turn someone is in her way. Angus, Rupert, Sentries, Mrs. Fitz, Laoghaire, drunken clansmen, Dougal, even Jamie who she trips upon in the stable.

She is nearly assaulted, actually assaulted by Graham and questioned by Geillis under the guise of helpful conversation.

Her escape plan goes to hell as she explained to Jamie. He knows the truth and simply guides her in the moment as to what is wise. (The ever practical and protective Jamie. This of course after pulling his dirk on her during the tripping scene.)



The boar hunt has it’s own complications. She and Dougal somehow perfectly team up for a proper send off for fatally injured Geordie after Dougal saves her from a deadly boar.



She had a terrifically difficult and disappointing couple of days with a few high notes. To cap it off, Dougal swoops in at the end and informs Claire they are hitting the road to collect rents in the morning.




She is our Claire. Thank you Cait.


Smoldering Stills in the Surgery

In No Way Out episode 103 of Starz Original Series, Outlander, the smoldering heat during a gunshot wound assessment is powerful between Claire and Jamie. Chemistry between these two jumps off the screen. I imagine many babies will be made during this and every subsequent season.

Who knew medical care could be so hot?

A good touch. Aye she has.

I am unsure how Jamie did not combust or plant a kiss hard onto her mouth when Claire began undoing his collar to inspect his healing shoulder. He was, I will say intensely looking at her and doing well at self control.


Then goodbye and alone once more.


I hope every woman has a partner who looks upon her so. Feels needed, wanted, really seen. He really does see her and with every exchange falls more deeply in love.

Claire’s Healing Touch

Claire is asked by Colum in No Way Out, Episode 103, to massage him like the previous castle healer did. She of course agrees knowing she can help alleviate some of his pain. (Warning you will see a bit of Colum’s (Gary’s) backside below).

She helps him tremendously and there conversation eases.

Later prior to Gwyllyn the Bard performing, Dougal refers to Claire’s healing touch as to why his brother is in improved spirits. He also calls her something else that us not quite so flattering.


Costive and Flatulent Arthur Duncan

From No Way Out episode 103, we meet Arthur Duncan, husband to Geillis and the procurator fiscal in the village of Cranesmuir near Castle Leoch.

Coming up to Geillis’ herbal workshop he is either costive or flatulent.


A roiling gut, he asks his wife for some peppermint before he makes sentence for a young boy confessed to stealing bannocks.

Oh aye, flatulence it is.



Claire engages him about the sentence Father Bain desires for the boy (loss of hand). Dear Geillis must jump in… She does so but not without much thought.




Beguiling Geillis is a pro at getting what she wants. Claire simply watches off to the side. She has an amazing resting b:tch face by the way.






Poor Arthur knows nothing of guile Geillis says.. After successfully getting the boy’s sentenced reduced.



Oh that Geillis… Better keep her close but not too close Claire.