Claire, Jamie, More

There is no doubt Claire and Jamie will be together according to my husband. He is commenting on their developing relationship onscreen and as a non-reader of the books. He knows they will be together from my years of reading and idly chatting him up about it. I am pleased he sees it onscreen under the motions if the very good actors portraying my favorite fiction friends.

They have such great chemistry Cait and Sam. Claire and Jamie shall light the screen, world on fire in episodes (seasons) to come.

Tender and easy together in this episode. The friendship, bond, relationship deepens. He knows all about Claire wanting to escape. She simply tells him like it is without thought to it. He tells her things he ought not, but too trusts her.

My most favorite moments captured between them in Episode 104.


Claire, Jamie, More please. Thank you.

Dougal Hero and Enemy

Dougal MacKenzie he is a great many things beyond the clan War Chieftain. We learned a few more details about him in Episode 104.

Not a nice drunk is he.

He has a keen attraction to Claire.

Though does not want others raping, he would take advantage

He is a warm and gentle soul to one dying.

He cares about the welfare of his clansmen.

He has his own agenda.

He desires lairdship when Colum dies.

He is a very good shot.

He liked to be physical.

What say you about Dougal?