Afterthoughts Ep107 The Weddings



Opening with Frank spontaneously asking Claire to marry him outside the register’s office and skipping in to get hitched while his parents wait at a nearby restaurant, still rubs the reader me a bit sad.

I miss the shock of Claire seeing the then new kirk she was to wed Jamie in as the same old kirk she and Frank married in. That moment of panic was a touchstone for me. A reaction, not a complaint.

Yes, yes I know Diana writes big and detailed books. The adaptation writer and team must pick and choose from what is absolutely necessary for the characters and overall story to move forward properly from a visual storytelling perspective. Sometimes what is purposeful in the written form is too big and unwieldy for the visual form. I get it, yet I will still have “oh man I wanted to SEE xxxxx” moments.

I also understand the need to keep Frank solidly in the viewer’s mind. Sympathy and positive thoughts toward him will help soften the viewer to Claire’s future choices and behaviors. Otherwise it is far too easy getting lost in why would Claire ever leave question. 18th century Scotland and the growing relationship between Claire and Jamie is so present and beautiful.

The contrast to Frank’s practicality in love to Jamie’s desires for particular wedding conditions and faith is quite vast. Frank obviously loves Claire and she him. A practical solid love. Jamie has a depth about how he views family, clan, promises, faith, and love. He is very serious and passionate about it. He obviously loves Claire and she is conflicted in her fondness and attraction to him. You know the whole bigamist and adulteress thing.

I am enjoying this particular path showing the two almost side by side. The relationships between each duo.

I did very much like showing the pre-wedding kiss between Frank and Claire just before flashing to the wedding kiss of Claire and Jamie. The giddy joy of one to the “what have I done this just got real” of the other. I almost had a flash of the Carrie Underwood song “Last Name”.



Flashing to the wedding night chamber, I adore the openness and ease in which Jamie and Claire converse as the evening continues. Clearly and plainly there is a trust between them. A slow burn with a quick intimacy built.

I wonder if Frank and Claire really talked about everything or with such ease before or after their wedding day. Claire seemed a bit young and subordinate to Frank in interaction almost like he was always trying to be teacher, a father figure type. With Jamie even early on they teach each other, have a comfort level that defied the relational boundaries. This simply and beautiful flowed in the post wedding scenes.







That’s it for now.

Him Her Them They Become


The church
The priest
The witnesses
All set
A willing groom
A needful bride
Splendor both in finery
The vows
The Ring
Blood oath connects and binds
Kissing his
Responding into his dedicated lips
Sorry is she
Oh no
Conflicted is she
Awkward mere kindred acquaintances they
A virgin
He wants her
In the flesh, in the spirit
To be one and no more two
A worried, sad, obligated she
Attraction screams in her being
A ghost at her side holding reality at bay
She fights it
Makes peace by whisky and words
Stones crossed their paths
Not a bigamist be
To be official
To be in lust
Breaking all away in his arms she
A legality earned
A partnership born
A love to cross time
Seeds into vines of ever connected strength to grow
They become




Getting Acquainted Ep107

One of my favorite parts of the wedding chamber scenes was them visually inspecting each other. Getting acquainted after their initial sexual foray.

Claire asking to see him first was just perfection.

The way he stood in front of her. He obviously wanted her to like what she saw. Him totally vulnerable and unclothed while she was in her shift.

Then if course fair is fair. He wanted to see her too. His first time seeing a woman defrocked in her splendor up close. The first woman that was his to touch and visually take in.

Claire took his vulnerability and cherished it. Moved toward him. Gave him permission to see her and touch her.

Simply wonderfully done.