Faith S2 E7 Trailer 

Faith S2 E7 comes after the shockingly dramatic duel between Jamie and Black Jack Randall, and Claire experiencing a serious pregnancy complication. The trailer opens with Claire in the hospital with Mother Hildegarde by her side. She’s clearly ill, distraught, and without Jamie by her side. He’s been arrested and locked up in the Bastille for the illegally duel. Only the King can release him…at his pleasure.

There’s little rest for our hero and heroine as another dark period is upon them. Claire is living with much misunderstanding and assumption over what she sees as a betrayal and broken promise. She doesn’t know that something happened to Fergus at the hand of Randall. She believes Jamie’s motive was vengeance, not justice being served.

Did Randall die? If he lives, did Jamie keep to the letter of the promise?

How will Jamie and Claire be strong enough to see it through together? With half the season behind us, the remaining will tell the status of our favorite couple.

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