Initial impressions Both Sides Now Ep108

This is the episode that threw me the most off kilter. I had many immediately familiar moments coupled with being jarred and confused. I will explore Both Sides Now in more detail as usual in individualized posts to come.

If you were following along to the live tweeting @dramofoutlander, I was using the #outlander and #adoo.


Here we go:

1. Uh oh bad news bears for Frank at the station.
2. Frank is pissed….
3. Mugshot Jamie
4. Oh aye the Highlander has EVERYTHING to do with it.
5. Mm. No. Shakes head not usual at all Jamie.
6. HUGH buddy!!!!!!! How the hell are you?
7. Aye toast to Claire that’s right.
8. Dragonfly in Amber. Dun dun foreshadowing.
9. And ‘sploding heart. Hugh.
10. Hoor rocks? Horcrux? Ohhhh Horrocks.
11. Slide of hands. Gorgeous directorial shot.
12. Roger, wee bairnie Roger. Hi fellow.
13. Oh damn boozy Frank in the house.
14. Sure you do lass.
15. And fight fight fight.
16. Blasted Grants.
17. Ned busted a cap off. Gangsta Ned.
18. Black Jack used by Frank. Coincidence? I think not.
19. Sgian dubh. Ned where you hiding that man?
20. Willie a true sport.
21. Knife skills for Claire.
22. Morning shexy time.
23. Whoops. Deserters. Limp on.
24. Rapey ick oh Claire.
25. Claire’s first kill.
26. Hmmmm the historian has his interest peeked.
27. Foreshadow Mrs. Graham. Preach it.
28. Seeds planted for wee Roger hearing such things.
29. Ooooh traumatized Claire, come here I hold you.
30. Frank saying goodbye. Auf wiedersehn.
31. He’s pissed. She’s pissed. Willie is confused.
32. Crossroads. Frank. Just do it.
33. Wait! What the what?!!!! The stones in sight line. WTAH. What is happening???!!!!
34. Making dismayed guttural noises. Two sides of stones.
35. Oh dude buck up Buttercup.
36. Frank I don’t know you anymore.
37. What????? I cannot hear you.
38. A badly played game of time tag.
39. Missed it by this much.
40. Felicitations indeed. Captain of the ticks is back.
41. My position is upright fank you very much.
42. Name dropping duke style.
43. Choke him now Claire. Do it.
44. Oh some Frank skills coming through.
45. A special place in hell for cowards like Hawkins.
46. BJR just awarded the Boy Scout preparedness badge.
47. Why in the bloody hell is everyone trying to rape me?
48. The line. Swoon. Cliffhanger.
49. Ultra creeper face from BJR.
And credits.

I am looking forward to sharing more with you.