Written All Over His Face- Frank’s Top Looks S2 E1

For being the proper Englishman, Frank does not hold his emotions close to the vest in this premiere episode. Ever expressive, whatever he thinks is written all over his face. I’ve chosen this sampling as Frank’s top looks from”Through a Glass, Darkly,” S2 E1 for discussion. Tobias Menzies is a thoughtful and well abled actor.

His openness of emotion handling the return of his two years gone wife, contrasts heavily with the tightly closed and disconnected Claire. His seeming inability to hold back, bordering on emotional chaos, takes us back to how we’ve seen Claire respond in the past in different situations. A keen juxtaposition.

In this, I find Frank’s responses at once appropriate and erratic. He’s all over the place, which would be expected having your disappeared wife back in your life. Yet, he is no ordinary historian, no ordinary professor.  With his military training and expertise, it’s odd to see him lack mystery and additional meaning behind his words and actions. Perhaps, it’s the personal kerfuffle that has him  so unlike himself.

  My wife is returned. Happy day.

   Something is very askew here. Why did she flinch when I reached for her? What in the hell happened to her?
Maybe if I get into a subservient position, this will go better.        Mrs. Graham, what?

 Why these appear high quality and period authentic. Where the hell has she been? (By the way, where did the plaid on the bed come from?)

  (This simply creeped me out. Why did he smell the shift? There would be dirt, sweat, Jamie odors on there...)  Why is she talking to Mrs. Graham and not me? Why the interest in Scottish history? Why? Why? Why?

You’re my wife.  I love you like I said I would. No matter what. I don’t care what has happened or where you’ve been or what you’ve done…

  Wait a second. Pregnant?!How wonderful.
  Oh wait. Two years…How? Who? What?
  Oh bloody hell. It can’t be mine.You’re carrying another man’s child!!!!!  I could… I do care, very much…
  Wait. What am I…Oh my God.  I have to get out of here.
Yes, I’m breaking down and breaking things. I cannot manage these feelings.  I DO CARE. IT DOES MATTER.I feel a bit better now.
  We tried to have a baby. I’m sterile. I can have a child now. I can have a child and raise it as my own.I want things back to normal. We can move forward, together, I hope. I’m desperate to move ahead.

Frank is now a bit more of an open book. This small glimpse into his perspective does his character good for the viewers. This brought him into reality and fully into three dimensions. If Claire’s perspective alone had been seen, it would be a much different vantage point. He loves her no doubt, but what does he love, the thought of her, the memory, who she once was?  Wanting a child and now having the ability to raise one as his own is a big deal. Especially to one who family history and lineage matters so much. He has an intact family once again, so it seems. He’s an upstanding imperfect fellow who wants to do the right thing for himself, Claire, and the baby. He earns respect for that alone. He hopes she will be in love with him again. He hopes the past can stay where it is. Only the future will tell.

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Outlander Season One Volume One DVD Release Deleted Scenes

After viewing the deleted scenes on the Outlander Season One Volume One Blu-Ray DVD Release, I believe in the editing process as a win for viewers.

The walking through Castle Leoch of Murtagh taking Claire to meet Himself, the Laird, Colum MacKenzie for the first time went on too long. The Claire voice overs were distracting and I am grateful they were limited in the final versions. The alternate sequence of the wedding vows played odd as Claire was looking as if she would fall right to sleep standing at the altar.

Though all the deleted scenes had some insights and additional information for the viewer, they were not necessary for understanding the characters, themes, or falling more in love with the series.

Now to the Achilles’s heel of being a reader fan and a viewer fan.

The one very large exception, a VERY LARGE EXCEPTION to the editing is a glaring deleted scene. The. Honesty. Speech. That was sorely missed during the bridal chamber discourse between Jamie and Claire. Lo and behold it was shot and then cut. The sequence took all of a few seconds of screen time. I was crushed at first to see it, to hear it, knowing viewer fans know not of it’s existence. I said something out loud (likely of the cussy type. I honestly cannot recall what as I was so stunned at the moment) to the dear friend I was viewing with.  After a few deep breaths, I found hope. Perhaps it will be shown in a flashback when Claire is pondering to be truthful or lie to Jamie where keeping a secret is not an option.

Only time will tell as the second half of Season One is nearly upon us.

If you have the opportunity, I do recommend watching the numerous deleted scenes. Outlander edited to the proverbial cutting room floor is still Outlander and well worth the watch.