Of Lost Things S3 E4 Ep 103

Of Lost Things

Written for Television by: Toni Graphia

Directed by: Brendan Maher

This week’s Outlander episode is brought to you by boxes of tissues and excellent tunes. Shout out to Bear McCreary the musical mastermind.

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Long story short, Jamie is protective of those he loves. He’s willing to do what he must for their gain or to prevent their harm. He’s a man of deep compassion and honor. When faced with blackmail and coercion, he rises the occasion. He wins the Dunsany’s over when he saves their grandson. Jamie’s a hero. His sense of normalcy and place, is shattered as the boy begins to resemble him. The man is given his leave and heads back to Lallybroch after 8 years serving his parole at Helwater. He adds the young Ellesmere, the son he cannot claim, to his list of lost things as the episode closes. He never expects to see the boy again.

Lord John Grey and Lady Isobel are to be married. They will raise young William together. It’s a beautiful friendship they have developed. Hopefully we will see John soon.

Claire is at her end. Roadblocks since Ardsmuir, Jamie seems nowhere to be found. Brianna and Roger try to be uplifting and supportive, but she calls it quits, saying it’s time to go home.

Brianna and Roger share a kiss. The relationship is budding, but Brianna leaves with her mother. With they become more in time?

There were a few misses with social status all but forgotten and that damned snake was just weird. Anyone remember the dragonlfy in amber paperweight Claire gave to Jamie at the stones in season 2?

This episode is full of bittersweet joy and sadness. It’s life affirming, yet loss is great.

Will home be what it once was for Jamie or Claire? Can they go back?

This is the gorgeous Bob Dillon cover that brought us all to tears.

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