IGN Sam And Cait SDCC2015 Interview

Max Scoville (@MaxScoville) and Roth Cornet (@RothCornet) of IGN interviewed Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan at the San Digeo Comic-Con today (7/10./2015).

This is one of the better interviews I have come across recently,  with solid questions for Sam and Cait to field. The discussion surrounds the S1 Finale and the upcoming S2 based on Dragonfly In Amber the second book of the 8 book series.

Though no spoilers were given for current fans of the show (and books), they share a few details about what is to come. The adaptation  of book to screen is even more challenging this season, but the essence and themes will be captured according to Cait. As Sam put it, when they are back in Scotland the second part of season 2, there  will be more mud and blood.  Caitriona talks about Claire’s struggle to follow a new set of social rules as a  woman when they arrive in France. Of course, the pregnancy and impending parenthood will be focused on as Jamie and Claire learn to work together, keep their bond and love during the season.

Please enjoy the screen captures.


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Laoghaire Confronts Jamie Video

In this IGN exclusive clip, Laoghaire MacKenzie is not pleased to learn that Jamie Fraser has married Claire Beauchamp while away from Castle Leoch.

If you remember, after he took a beating for the teen Laoghaire, he was seen kissing her quite industriously in the alcove. As he would say, not being a monk. (I contend his biggest mistake ever in the whole of the series because spoilers.)

After Jamie stopped paying her attention, Laoghaire asked healer Claire for a “wish” to get Jamie to care for her, to love her. She knew but refused to see Jamie did not love her or care for her romantically.  

Laoghaire confronts Jamie seeking answers as to why he married Claire. He basically tells her it is a long story, he has no time to fully explain now, and it was Dougal’s plan. 

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This is SO infuriating to me that he did not say because though it was complicated and arranged by Dougal, that he agreed because he wanted her, loved her.

Will Laoghaire react and exact some revenge? Will she continue to want Jamie for herself?

Only time will tell…. and episodes.

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