A Conspiracy is Afoot TSP Week 11

The Scottish Prisoner Podcast Series 

Chapters 21 and 22

Week 11

John and Jamie decide “A Conspiracy is Afoot,” after Jamie returns bruised and telling John of Siverly trying to kill him after reading the poem. Another Jacobite rebellion is exactly what the poem references.

Tom decides Jamie’s injuries need to be treated with a poultice. His shoulder and left buttock are severely bruised. Through my own research, I learned an onion poultice would not be the best to treat such a condition, however, there are several options that would. Click here for further reading on herbal and poultice remedies for bruising.

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When John goes to call on Major Siverly the next day, he gets quite a surprise when he finds Edward Twelvetrees to be in Siverly’s company. He discovers a large amount of money being readied for distribution to several people. John manages to infuriate both of the men before his visit is finished. In no uncertain terms, Twelvetrees threatens John if he chooses to pursue whatever he is after. It looks like the Duchess of Pardloe’s attempts to keep John and Twelvetrees away from each other has failed miserably. It’s time for plan b. What will John and Jamie do next?

What’s Coming up? The Scottish Prisoner week 12 covers chapters 23 and 24.

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The ’45

The Starz Outlander newsletter dropped into my inbox today highlighting the ’45 Jacobite uprising.


A history lesson mixed with cast member thoughts, this newsletter is quite informative and rich. I encourage you to research and study more if you haven’t already. This time period was extraordinarily pivotal in the history and for ever after future of the Scottish peoples, most notably those called Highlanders.



I dare anyone not to be deeply moved by the events and loss of so much along with the lives tragically lost at Culloden that fateful day.

I have always been very impressed by Diana Gabaldon’s research into the historical aspects of her colorful writing.

Rent Ep105 Immediate Reactions



I know I have posted several Rent posts, but have yet to throw out initial thoughts.

Here we go.

1. Opening credits . Squee chills anticipation complete.
2. The poem haunting and perfect.
3. NED!!!!!!!
5. No pigs EVER
4. Boys will be boys.
5. Claire hahaha gives Dougal unimpressed face after treating Ned.
6. Swooning over the landscape shots.
7. Enter the Stag
8. Damn now THAT’S camping.
9. WTAF are you feeding her. Cries over shriveled Easter bunny remark.
10. Stupid boys.
11. Claire super huff mode.
12. But Dougal I’m BOOOOOOOOORED
13. Oh hells no live pig for rent. Ok live pigs for rent.
14. Lulled by beautiful singing, Claire um wears my gloves piss play
15. Me piss in a pot? Why not? A hike of skirts,aah, Angus MY EYES
16. Angry Claire chooses Rupert to tug o war over a goat. Schoolyard grudge match. Boys 1 um 27 Claire 0.
17. Why hello McBaby Handsomeness
18. Shirk and sob. Jamie’s scars revealed
19. Dougal WTF you bastard.
20. Shakes head. Claire just nope. Not thievery.
21. Oh bloody hell The Watch.
22. Damn girl your tongue is too sharp. Angus going to cut you. They are feeding your hungry belly.
23. Bwahahahaha Jamie chastises her.
24. Angus might like kissing her arse Claire…..
25. No more judgy McJudgerson Claire. Tsk.
26. Claire your arse may not be chicken but STFU a minute. You owe Ned on this one.
27. AHA SACRE BLEU. The Stuarts!!! Ding ding ding Claire gets it.
28. Jamie what took you so long to confront dear uncle?
29. Ah yes a man’s got to know his limitations.
30. In your face. Redcoats killed traitors. Claire is shifting sides.
31. In the bedroom. With a candlestick. Oh YOU
32. Reputation how quaint.
33. Everyone was Kung fu fighting.
34. STUPID boys. Oh for me. Aaaah. Well then.
35. I’ll be here all set. Rim shot.
36. My eyes are raining. Culloden.
37. I have your back man.
38.And McBaby Handomeness er Lt.Foster and friends.

Fade to black. Dun dun duuuuuuuhhhhhh.

That sums up my gut reaction experience. Carry on.