A Paean To Marriage


A paean is a song of praise, and I believe the Outlander series is an impressive paean to the institution of marriage. Few couples in literature have had to endure what Jamie and Claire Fraser endure—yet their marriage just gets stronger. Diana Gabaldon uses three aspects of marriage to make a strong statement about its timeless value: love, sex, and fidelity.

Love — Much of the action takes place in the 18th century, a time when people didn’t necessarily marry for love. Marriages were often arranged for political or economic reasons or were entered into for survival or convenience. Jocasta Cameron Innes is an excellent example of this. Of course, Jamie and Claire didn’t marry for love (although Jamie was already quite the smitten kitten), but it didn’t take long for love to become the cornerstone of their union. And holy moly, they have needed a strong foundation, haven’t they?

Now consider Fergus and Marsali … Ian and Jenny … Young Ian and Rachel (Emily, too) … Denny Hunter and Dorothea Grey … Hal and Minnie … Roger and Brianna. All have love marriages, and what’s more, many of them married despite societal constraints. Differences of class, religion, ethnicity, or cultural expectations could have derailed these marriages before they even occurred. Love prevailed, however, and despite many dire circumstances post-wedding, the marriages (with one exception) endured. Whether they said the following vow or not, this seems to be the guiding principle of good Outlander marriages:

            Ye are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone,

            I give ye my Body, that we Two might be One.

            I give ye my Spirit, ‘til our life shall be Done.


Sex – If you haven’t purchased DG’s “I give you my body…”: How I Write Sex Scenes, I highly recommend it. It’s an excellent instructional manual…on darn good fiction writing. A nice bonus for thirsty Outlander fans is an appendix which lists all the sex scenes by chapter and book. The list is incomplete and not entirely accurate…but it’s a great tool for proving my next point: almost all the best sex scenes in the Outlander universe are between married couples.

There are over 110 sex scenes listed, and 90 of them are with married people (mostly Jamie and Claire). Three of them are solo interludes, a few more are liaisons between people who eventually will get married or who love each other (poor Lord John), and the rest are either encounters with prostitutes or other miscellaneous bits of unconsummated sexual tension. Rapes, rightfully so, are not on this list.

By the way, this was a very pleasant bit of research. You’re welcome.

My point here is brief, just like Jamie’s first encounter on his wedding night. DG recognizes that great sex is a vital component of marriage, and she uses her characters—usually Jamie and Claire—to celebrate the holiness of a good roll in the hay. In my experience, this is not at all common in other books (or television series) where there’s no shortage of sex, but it’s little more than lust, manipulation, or power play. Depictions of loving marital sex are relatively rare.

“That’s what marriage is good for; it makes a sacrament out of things ye’d otherwise have to confess.”

Fidelity – Take a look back at that list of marriages in the third paragraph. These are some of the most important characters in the books (I’ll get to Jamie and Claire in a moment). And of all these marriages, none have (to this point) suffered from the presence of an unfaithful spouse. DG isn’t averse to giving married couples plenty of difficulties—infertility, a disabled child, prolonged absences, illness—but at least with the couples that the readers love, she stays away from infidelity. In an era when a visit to a brothel was hardly blinked at, the married men we know don’t find the need for that brand of entertainment. Well, maybe Fergus does. But perhaps not.

Ironically, both Jamie and Claire seem to collect sexual partners. But are they unfaithful?

Claire – A case could be made that she’s unfaithful to Frank when she marries Jamie. Is it infidelity, though, if you don’t have a choice?

And then there’s her interlude with Louie of France. She’s saving Jamie’s life there—she thinks her marriage might be over, but she still chooses that to free him from the Bastille. Not infidelity, just emotionless body parts.

Is she unfaithful when she and Lord John have drunken sex? She’s married to him at the time—or so she thinks. Jamie’s dead—or so she thinks. Nope, not infidelity.

Jamie – He has two brief encounters—Mary MacNab and Geneva—during the years when Claire is gone. Their separation is permanent, as far as Jamie knows, and there are compelling reasons for each act. The same is true of his marriage to Laoghaire. Claire is gone. Jamie is a faithful husband even in his loveless marriage—he never utilizes the services of the brothel where he takes up residence.

Neither of them is unfaithful when they’re occupying the same time period and both demonstrably alive. In fact, if either were to cheat on the other, there would be a huge uprising of Outlander fans clutching their books and moaning noooooooooo.

Certainly, there are unfaithful partners in the series: Duncan Innes, Frank (probably), Hal’s wife Esme. None of these instances is viewed sympathetically or justified; they are pitiable or sad. In DG’s universe, if love and sex are the bricks of a good marriage, then fidelity is the mortar.

“Above all creatures on this earth,” he whispered, “you are faithful.”

“Well,” I said at last, with a deep sigh of my own, “so are you. Quite a good thing, really. Isn’t it?”



Jan Ackerson is a retired teacher, a writer and editor, and an absolute cuckoo about all things Outlander. You can find her on a much-neglected Twitter account (she’s mostly there to follow the Outlander gang) @janackerson1, or on Facebook (Jan Worgul Ackerson). Her book of micro-fiction, Stolen Postcards, is available at Amazon or https://bofapress.com/collections/all.

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Wentworth Prison Ep 1×15 Review

Episode: Wentworth Prison 1×15

Alternate Titles: Now Kiss Me or Surrender

Acting: They should win all the awards!

Writing: Skillful

Directing: Thoughtful

Level of Viewing Discomfort: 10/10

It’s part slow, terrifying descent into the hell that is Black Jack Randall and part acts of courageous, fierce, protective love that is Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser.  

As said in yesterday’s post, Outlander is bold and unapologetic. A most challenging hour of viewing to be sure and so worth it.

If anyone had doubts that Randall is a sadistic,  evil being, It’s impossible to believe there could be a shred of good residing within him.  Tobias Menzies is terrifyingly perfect in his representation. Several times during the episode, I was promoted to cover my ears or eyes.  His performance left me anxiety ridden.

Claire. In fear she refuses to give up. Until she succeeds or fails there is no stopping her. Her grit, fighting spirit, and despairing heart keep us on the edge of our seats. She never ceases to surprise with the bravery she expresses. There are not enough adjectives to describe her attributes in this episode. When she curses Randall with the knowledge of his death date, I cheered. Caitriona Balfe perfection scene to scene.

Equally there is no question of how Claire and Jamie love each other. Both risking all for the other. THAT is the ultimate bottom line, their commitment and bond.  This is the heart and soul of Outlander.

To see Jamie’s fight and light dim to nearly being extinguished under Randall’s initial torments, utterly raw and gut wrenching to experience. He bargained for Claire’s life not knowing the level of holistic torture yet to be the unleashed upon him. As Randall began, the look of realization how bad this might get is in his eyes. Again shudder inducing. Sam Heughan, his performance simply flawless.

Jamie does not belong to darkness. The light shall reclaim him.  This harrowing anxiety filled ride gets an A+.  There are no more words, my emotions are all in disarray.


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A Love That…….

What Claire and Jamie share is a love full, complex, enduring, like Outlander itself.

Struck by what their love is, I am inspired to write.I quip and ponder.

What an example of love they hold. Inspiring. A target to reach for. A love not perfect, yet perfectly beautiful. Attainable by all? I am not sure. But it does exist in this world. Hope it gives with an absolute yes I say.

In the beginning, Jamie dares to love Claire with all he is, all his worth. Jamie loves this way first. Claire opens to him because she must. They become one.

In a fairly short time her love for him is matched of his to her. Deeply bonded, yoked, utterly together they are.

My list is in no order. A stream of consciousness offering.

What would you add?

A love that does the right thing even though it causes pain and loss.

A love that cannot be denied or ignored.

A love that none other can quench.

A love that protects and heals.

A love that pours out into others.

A love that penetrates and the captors willing.

A love that binds without end.

A love that is courageous.

A love that is loyal.

A love that endures across time.

A love that is properly jealous of those who try to come in between.

A love that encircles with a sense of belonging, family.

A love that says trust.

A love of raw, fierce passion.

A love that willingly possesses and allows for possession.

A love sturdy, comfortable and solid.

A love that time and separation cannot break. While the heart beats connected they stay. Perhaps even unto death.

A love that accepts who each other is. Sees in full without looking away.

A love with the power and fortitude to cast out demons. Claire to Jamie

A love that blazes and burns deep into secure passionate glowing warmth.

A love that says you are mine, I am yours.

A love that claims and reclaims again, again, and again.