Bold and Unapologetic Season 1 Final Episodes

WARNING this post contains non-detailed spoilers. 

Please read no further if you do not want to have a peek into the ultimate outcome for our hero.

The Outlander TV series has been bold and unapologetic in adapting Diana Gabaldon’s work to a visual medium. It is thrilling to not only have brave actors putting it all out there for viewers, but the brave team in the writers room who are willing to get the sexy, ugly, horrific, scary, triumphant content to the actors. What Outlander has to show is not titillation. The thread of real these characters all have in common with us causes passionate fans to be born.

“Wentworth Prison” and “To Ransom A Man’s Soul” are the darkest moments to date for these characters. Brutal. Gutting. Disturbing. Powerful. Intimate. Ultimately, inspiring. From the depths of hell beauty grows. Through hardship and loss, bonds are strengthened. In short, these characters must suffer to prevail. They are fully revealed to us through the fires.

The last two episodes of Season 1 are going to push the envelope even further than what most are able to imagine. Delving into male rape coupled with sadism, the bold and fierce loving courage of Claire to save Jamie, taking a look into PTSD from the holistic assault Jamie endures, and a harrowing healing effort in the end.

These episodes will be difficult to watch and experience. It will be worth it. Trust me as a fan. Trust Ron. Trust Diana.


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