From One Prison To Another – Voyager Week 2

Voyager Week 2

From One Prison to Another

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In this week 2 installment of the Voyager read-along (chapters 4-6), Jamie Fraser makes the decision to go from one prison to another.  The highlands have been ravaged post Culloden just as Claire had said. British Redcoats patrol the area burning cottages, seizing property, taking the men who are believed to be Jacobite sympathizers, and generally harassing the starving Highlanders. Lallybroch, the tenants, and his own family continue to be at risk, as we find Ian Murray away to Inverness from being arrested for the fourth time as a suspect and Jamie living in a cave as The Dunbonnet.

These chapters (and one extreme error on his part) lead us and Jamie toward the inevitable choice he must make. He’s a man weary, but not beaten. For all he believes in, he does the best and right thing for all involved. This is why he is the King of Men.

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What’s Coming up? Week 3 covers chapters 7-9 and the next Outlander Science Club Prompt is  Could you survive in your neighborhood? What wild  edible plants grow in your area that could be foraged to sustain you in a famine?

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