The Devil’s Mark Poetry Recap Episode 1×11

My poetic recap of The Devil’s Mark episode 1×11.  I found it so inspiring. Please enjoy.

Into the thieves hole they drop

Dank, dark, rats amongst them

Tempers flare, blame thrown

Revelations of Geillis slowly come into view

Courtroom drama, Ned tries to save the day

Testimony plotted, WITCHES the crowd yells

Friendship blooms under lock of the hole

To burn is likely with no one to come

Laoghaire and Father Bain kindling sparks

To save one Ned speaks

Geillis implores, devastated by nothingness

To a f**king barbecue she goes

Renouncing not


GUILTY! To the pyre.

Claire is scourged

Jamie bursts in

Geillis falls upon the sword of confession 


Tender hands clean wounds shallow

Tender heart seeks truth

Pouring out all she knows

From the future

In belief he is

A witch far easier indeed

Riding for days

Memorizing her sounds, her body, her passion

He prepares

To home are you ready?

Emphatically yes replies

Not Lallybroch but the stones he brought

Only violence and danger, go

Parting sorrows

In love we firmly fall 


On your feet soldier

Startled joy


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Him Her Them They Become


The church
The priest
The witnesses
All set
A willing groom
A needful bride
Splendor both in finery
The vows
The Ring
Blood oath connects and binds
Kissing his
Responding into his dedicated lips
Sorry is she
Oh no
Conflicted is she
Awkward mere kindred acquaintances they
A virgin
He wants her
In the flesh, in the spirit
To be one and no more two
A worried, sad, obligated she
Attraction screams in her being
A ghost at her side holding reality at bay
She fights it
Makes peace by whisky and words
Stones crossed their paths
Not a bigamist be
To be official
To be in lust
Breaking all away in his arms she
A legality earned
A partnership born
A love to cross time
Seeds into vines of ever connected strength to grow
They become




Call For Poetry Submissions

To add a twist to the blog, I am seeking post Outlander episode viewing submissions.

First call submissions due 8/12/2014, email to (you can use contact page as well).


1. Submit your Outlander episode inspired poetry within 48 hours of airing to A Dram of Outlander

2. Submissions can be in any poetry style.

3. Photos may be included (credit source).

4. Submissions with adult content, profanity or nudity with be posted with a warning for readers.

5. A Dram of Outlander has permission to post to other social media such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, etc.

There will be non-episode Outlander submission calls in the future.

Happy writing!