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On This Day S5 E1

Season 5 Episode 1

“The Fiery Cross”

Written for Television by Matthew B. Roberts

Directed by Stephen Woolfenden

Listen to the Podcast:

The people of Fraser’s Ridge, friends, and family gathered to celebrate the wedding of Roger MacKenzie and Brianna Ellen Randall Fraser. The big house was almost complete. Memories were shared and made, drinking games, feasting, dancing, romance, threat, treachery, bonding, politics, oaths, and a release of oath all happened in the two days lived onscreen.

Season 5 Episode 1 is the strongest opening episode only behind Season 1 Episode 1.  It was written with the deft hand of Mattew B. Roberts leading the writers’ room. It inhabited the spirit of the written word and achieved an adaptation that stood beautifully on its own with well-crafted storytelling that requires no external explanation.

From storyline references, character development, foreshadowing, costuming, hair, acting, music, variations of emotion and tone, all the way to the set design, no elements are left wanting.

This season is looking to be a spectacular ride.


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Goodbye Scotland, Hello South Africa


Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe bid filming in Scotland goodbye for the sunnier shores of South Africa. The sets used for Black Sails are being re-purposed for Outlander filming. According to Lynette Rice of Entertainment Weekly,  Season 3 filming will conclude in June and as Starz announced, it will premiere in September.  Though it will be more than a year from the Season 2 finale, I predict it will be worth the wait. Outlander already is an extremely production heavy show, and with Voyager being an adventure of both land and sea, more time is absolutely needed to properly complete the upcoming season for our viewing satisfaction.

Of course, one can hear fans everywhere exclaiming the well-known, “Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ” and “Bloody Hell.”  The no longer never-ending droughtlander, continues. Le sigh.

Want to make the extended droughtlander more doable? Join me for the The Scottish Prisoner podcast read-a-long I just started or listen to the 26 episode Voyager podcast series I recently completed. The Scottish Prisoner should take about 3.5 months to go through a couple of chapters at a time. Tune in weekly for a new episode and come hangout with fellow Outlanders every week for the Wednesday night Twitter chat using the hashtag #ADoO at 6pm PT/9pm ET.

We can persevere just like our Jamie and Claire always do.

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Outlander Demographic A Boon For Starz

This Adweek article features Chris Albrecht, CEO of  Starz explaining how the Outlander  demographic of women has pushed Starz past Showtime in subscribers, only second to HBO.

According to Mr. Albrecht, Outlander was an immediate hit averaging  5.1 million viewers during each episode so far. With this only the first season, and the series is getting more and more coverage all the time, I imagine the viewership will continue to grow. A bonafide hit for Starz Outlander is simply good for business.

According to the article,  the network is looking to benefit from Outlander’s success for many years to come and Albrecht  wants to produce one season per book (yes me and millions of fans desire that outcome as well.)  A decade of Outlander is what would be expected then as two more books are in the pipeline according to Herself, author Diana Gabaldon.

Can you imagine 10 seasons of Outlander?!!!!! “We hope it will be around forever.” Chris Albrecht joked.  Apparently the head honcho can.

It is heartening that someone in the entertainment industry is taking the  population of women as a serious demographic.  We have vast purchasing power and influence. Women share with other women, again Outlander is simply good business.

Keep up supporting Outlander Mr. Albrecht and the women will keep coming.


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