Freedom and Whisky S3 E5

Freedom & Whisky

Written for Television by: Toni Graphia

Directed by: Brendan Maher

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This week’s episode slows down to cover a short period of the Christmas season 1968. Don’t for one second think you can put away those tissues for holiday cheer. The struggles are real. The fear is spoken. The complexities of adult child and parent relationships are navigated.

We see Claire’s foundational determination and skill as a physician. We see her fragile and vulnerable, when she acknowledges herself as a woman with needs and desires. We see her as mother bear, fierce, tender, loving, and the willingness to be sacrificial. She’s been hurt and shut off the passionate and sexual side of herself. She’s lived for her daughter and her work. It’s time for her to live whole once more. She’s been “living half a life,” according to good friend Joe Abernathy. He’s correct. Go get him, Claire. Insert that fuzzy ear worm, Let It Go for Claire here.

Brianna has matured and grown through her father Frank’s death and the revelations in Scotland. She’s no longer the bratty girl. She sees herself as a woman in her own right. She sees her mother as a woman separate from being her mother. She knows she is grown and not only urges her mother to go, she asks her to go. Jamie deserves to know who she is.

Roger is not a knight in shining armor, he’s an orphan like Brianna. He’s a friend and future lover. He understands Brianna in a way no one else can. He understands her mother in a way no one else can either. He’s a kind, generous, and brilliant man, who happens to be falling in love with Brianna.

Joe Abernathy is a friend and wingman. Claire’s only friend throughout her medical school and hospital career. He is trustworthy and an advocate for Claire to live a full life. I expect, he will be there for anything Brianna needs. He can be like an uncle in my estimation. Did Claire tell him EVERYTHING about Jamie and her 18th century adventure? I think she must have.

The zinger in this episode was Candy, um Sandy, confronting Claire at an event to honor Frank Randall. She accuses Claire of being selfish and making Frank and Bree live a lie. She should have let him go. Claire offered Frank his freedom more than once. Does Sandy know this? Or is it her grief talking? Are we supposed to think Claire made him stay? What was the point of this confrontation? I think it’s a vehicle for Brianna to ask who the woman is. Also, for Claire to have clarity on what she needs to do.

There were some three beats to cement ideas in this episode.

  • Brianna being an engineer, not a historian.
  • Claire’s insecurities over her looks, sexiness, and age.
  • Claire’s willingness to stay because she can’t bear to leave Brianna. She’s a good mother.
  • Brianna urging her mother to go because she is an adult and can care for herself. She’s a maturing daughter.

I adored how Roger and Brianna looked like ghostly images in the window when Claire looked up as she left for Scotland. Then the light plays on Claire as she was in the cab making her look like she was transitioning to a new place from the 20th century. Finally, the puddle from the cab to Edinburgh was a brilliant transition. Combined, those images created a feeling of time travel without literally needing her to go to the stones onscreen. Bravo!

Lastly, Jamie and the print shop. You didn’t think I would forget about that did you? Claire makes it to Edinburgh and finds her way to Carfax Close. Outside the printshop you can feel her apprehension and excitement. She opens the door and he questions who is there. Following his voice, she says who it is. He looks up, she seems a ghost, and he faints. #DunbonnetDown. He crashes to the floor. She gasps. Fade to black.

SHE DID IT! She found him! We know he couldn’t have died from a coronary because there’re more episodes this season. And this isn’t Game of Thrones. George R.R. Martin might have killed Jamie off in front of Claire.

We laughed. We cried. We cheered. We grabbed smelling salts for Jamie. Anyone else out of your mind excited for episode 6?

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War Is Come S2 Preview

From the luxurious and at times cutthroat happenings in France, The Fraser’s have gone home. They did all they could to stop the Jacobite uprising from taking place, but alas, it is now upon there own doorstep. Prince Charles has arrived and war is come to Scotland. The remaining episodes of the season will be steeped in difficult living, fighting, and more grave losses. Claire has shared all she knows with Jamie and Murtagh, now all they can do is try to change history for the win.

Returning to face the fight are favorites among the many, renowned Jacobite Dougal MacKenzie, Angus Mhor, and Rupert MacKenzie. I wonder what other faces will emerge. Will Mary Hawkins virtue be avenged? Will Black Jack Randall return with one life less? Can Lallybroch be saved now that Jamie is a known traitor? Have we heard the last of Alex Randall? The Duke of Sandringham? I imagine he is playing all sides as before.

Those are some of the many questions to be answered in the 5 remaining episodes.

Culloden is near and all we can do is wait, watch, and wonder.

My favorite screen capture stills are below. For all the images, follow me on Instagram.

He’s back. Mark him, he will have an uprising. Scotland, she is exquisite to behold.

Jamie and Claire FOREVER.

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E! Online Hottest Sex Scene Ever

E! Online posted an exclusive hot Outlander clip of Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and Claire Beauchamp Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) with the headline, “Hottest Sex Scene Ever?! Watch This New Outlander Footage and Just Try Not to Feel All Tingly Under the Kilt”.

That title made me giggle a little bit to be honest because…………

Dear E! Online, we want to get all tingly under the kilt.

A very hot scene indeed. These two have a fearlessness and all in approach as actors.

Sam and Cait have chemistry that is palpable through the screen. There is no denying that fact.

They truly are the perfect match-up as our Claire and Jamie.

Sizzling screen caps with altered brightness for your viewing….pleasure.







































My Friends In Two Outlander Universes

I am absolutely ecstatic there are TWO Outlander universes where the characters of Outlander now reside. My longtime since 1991 much beloved book friends and my since 2014 Starz TV series friends.

I find it a seamless transition between each whether I am reading the books or viewing the show.

It is an utterly fascinating process writing and podcasting about both ‘verses. I am remarkably still discovering more within the book series. The TV series has only deepened my love and quest to understand it more fully.

My thoughts below about both ‘verses of friends.

My Books Friends

  1. You are all firmly planted in my heart and mind . Who you are to me remains intact.
  2. We’ve lived, loved, laughed, grown, cried, grieved, and fought together.
  3. I cheer your fortitude, strength, loyalty, integrity, and resiliency.
  4. Oh the things we’ve been through together. I love you so.
  5. We started out near the same age, over time all older, adding children, moving homes, adventuring, literally having sharing decades together.
  6. I know what has happened. We’ve history.
  7. You’ve seen me through many serious life changes. A source of comfort and warmth like family.
  8. Your final chapters will be written as you speak your endings to Diana. I grieve the thought.

My TV Series Friends

  1. I embrace all you are, the familiar and the different.
  2. I’ve your backs as far into the future we go together, bring it on.
  3. I cannot wait to see your full character tried, tested, unfolding in front of my eyes.
  4. We are beginning a beautiful, hopefully very long lasting relationship.
  5. Still in your youth with paths wide open.
  6. Spoilers dahlings.
  7. You’ve connected me with many new and very real friends.
  8. You are just beginning your long wild adventure.

So much to go around for years and years and years more. Forever friends are Outlander friends.