Rent Ep105 Immediate Reactions



I know I have posted several Rent posts, but have yet to throw out initial thoughts.

Here we go.

1. Opening credits . Squee chills anticipation complete.
2. The poem haunting and perfect.
3. NED!!!!!!!
5. No pigs EVER
4. Boys will be boys.
5. Claire hahaha gives Dougal unimpressed face after treating Ned.
6. Swooning over the landscape shots.
7. Enter the Stag
8. Damn now THAT’S camping.
9. WTAF are you feeding her. Cries over shriveled Easter bunny remark.
10. Stupid boys.
11. Claire super huff mode.
12. But Dougal I’m BOOOOOOOOORED
13. Oh hells no live pig for rent. Ok live pigs for rent.
14. Lulled by beautiful singing, Claire um wears my gloves piss play
15. Me piss in a pot? Why not? A hike of skirts,aah, Angus MY EYES
16. Angry Claire chooses Rupert to tug o war over a goat. Schoolyard grudge match. Boys 1 um 27 Claire 0.
17. Why hello McBaby Handsomeness
18. Shirk and sob. Jamie’s scars revealed
19. Dougal WTF you bastard.
20. Shakes head. Claire just nope. Not thievery.
21. Oh bloody hell The Watch.
22. Damn girl your tongue is too sharp. Angus going to cut you. They are feeding your hungry belly.
23. Bwahahahaha Jamie chastises her.
24. Angus might like kissing her arse Claire…..
25. No more judgy McJudgerson Claire. Tsk.
26. Claire your arse may not be chicken but STFU a minute. You owe Ned on this one.
27. AHA SACRE BLEU. The Stuarts!!! Ding ding ding Claire gets it.
28. Jamie what took you so long to confront dear uncle?
29. Ah yes a man’s got to know his limitations.
30. In your face. Redcoats killed traitors. Claire is shifting sides.
31. In the bedroom. With a candlestick. Oh YOU
32. Reputation how quaint.
33. Everyone was Kung fu fighting.
34. STUPID boys. Oh for me. Aaaah. Well then.
35. I’ll be here all set. Rim shot.
36. My eyes are raining. Culloden.
37. I have your back man.
38.And McBaby Handomeness er Lt.Foster and friends.

Fade to black. Dun dun duuuuuuuhhhhhh.

That sums up my gut reaction experience. Carry on.



Claire’s Expression ep105

Claire is not a happy camper in episode 105 Rent.

She is struggling internally and on the surface. Her agitation increases throughout the episode. She wants to escape so badly, but cannot see the way back to the stones.


She feels every bit the outsider, the Sassenach.

Toward the end she gains an understanding that further challenges her, but her mood begins to alter as she sees a potential role she can play in the future because of her knowledge.


Waulking the Wool

Such a highlight in this moody episode the waulking of the wool scene from beginning to end. The women are a bit skeptical of Claire but warm up quickly as they work the wool together.

The beautiful work song caught Claire’s attention first as she walked the village grounds. (An example for you to enjoy.)


Claire is greeted and promptly put to work.



The women at the table, a beautiful camaraderie. They sing a wool waulk.


They take a break going inside to share conversation and a beverage.



The pot must be filled. Go Claire go!


Enter shock and awe as Angus opens the door and promptly takes Claire with him. He was angry, gruff and perhaps exasperated at having to look for Claire.





A respite in the drama….. I simply adored this scene.

Rent Ep105 A Moody, Evocative Jaunt


The writing style of Toni Graphia definitely is in contrast to previous episodes. This had a gritty, dark, raw quality that oozed resignation and isolation for Claire, tested loyalty, restraint and mental strength for Jamie as he was embarrassed, used for gain, but closeness and redemptive promise for the others.

The opening scene of Rent for me set the tone for the entire episode. Claire was resigned, sad, lost, almost forlorn. That emotion carried throughout with Claire becoming more enflamed, assumptive, pouty, angry, self righteous, sad, defensive as days turned to weeks during the travels to collect rents from MacKenzie land tenants. Jamie struggled with his family position, obligation, being a wanted man, and his desire to help Claire. Dougal continues to show layers and motive. Politics and family business intermingle. He tries to be the image of a strong leader, a successful political stumper, and be a proper stand in for his brother, Colum, the MacKenzie, the laird. The supporting players must navigate every situation, sometimes unpleasantly with strong emotions and then a turn of great openness and humor shines.

Even with the overall heaviness of this episode, there were insightful moments of levity, encouragement, support, clarity, and bonding between them all.


The utter hopelessness of Claire was palpable. One could touch her emotions. Her face showed all. Hiding nothing. She had no reserve to put on a mask. She simply was surviving place to place. As she was stretched thin emotionally, her tank empty, a cat on a hot tin roof she became. Snarling, and verbally unhinged, near came to a hard edge with Angus. Dougal, Rupert, Ned, near anyone who crossed her path.

Fighting with Rupert over a goat received as rent came on the heels of Angus angrily dragging her from the waulking women. She lashed out in response to her own repressed feelings of hopelessness while putting forth the defending the need of the baby who refused to nurse and needed the milk. A tug of war, words flying, leaving the crew of men angry and accusing her of being drunk. There were only losers in this scenario. Her deep frustration needs an appropriate outlet.





Seeing is not always knowing or understandings when it comes to Claire filtering the evening activities she witnesses. Ned Gowan the beloved lawyer, (introduced in the opening scene to Claire) allowed Claire to make assumptions over the additional funds Dougal was collecting from tenants over drams. Claire assumed it was thievery of monies meant for Colum. Dougal’s fear mongering speeches and his shameless display of Jamie’s flogging scars to boost his take deeply affected Her attitude day to day. Far into the episode she finally understands these measures are for the Jacobite cause. This is key to her view shifting toward the men and knowing the future was a costly knowledge to carry. She wants to protect them, warn them, save them, but her words to Ned only deepen suspicion of her in the end.

Her provocation of Angus during a meal, insulting him, calling them thieves, even had Jamie asking her what was wrong with her. Jamie came to her aid, settling Angus, then privately offered her advice to stay out of it and to stop judging what she lacks understanding of. This place where she finds herself is what matters, not where she is from. She must move outside her own feelings, experiences, and view point. Her boldness does not serve anyone in this situation.

(Take a deep breath. Exhale slowly).

Thankfully the points of levity for Claire were pretty phenomenal. As Ned enters the picture, he greets her by reciting in tandem the poem she is saying allowed to the loch. A softening of her was heartwarming when she felt connected instead of alone. This was needed to start the episode as the well of emotions were so heavy throughout. A point of light to come back to in her interactions with Ned.

Next when she was drinking with the women who were waulking the wool, she found a brief escape into tradition, laughter, storytelling. The use of urine “piss” in the process to set the dye had Claire participating in a very real way. She was asked to add to the bucket right there. It was hilarious. “Geronimo.”

Later, she completely one lined a boasting Rupert. The pause of response then guffaws from the men was spectacular. “Yer a witty one.” Jamie said. I swear even the horse laughed.



Claire found ultimately that she was not an island alone but the journey was a complex day to day existence. Slowly the others were accepting her, bonding to her, caring about her. Her place among them is clearly not set though becoming less tenuous, maybe.

As for Jamie, he was a simmering pot for the most part. He allowed Dougal to humiliate, embarrass him, because he is his uncle, his family, his authority while upon MacKenzie lands. Cringeworthy moments over and over as Dougal stumped for Jacobite fundraising revealing Jamie’s scars to elicit emotions against the English, the Sassenach intruders. He finally had his fill of display, but was shut down quickly by Dougal invoking the obedience pledged. A loyal nephew his practicality won out over his personal comfort. A very Jamie move.

His being a wanted man came into play again this episode when the group came upon The Watch on the road. They would have certainly turned him into the English for a monetary profit had he been discovered among Dougal’s men. He had to make himself invisible during the encounter. Highlighting this fact keeps reminding us there are events to come for him and the English law.

He still continued to guide Claire, help her to see what is and offer his protection. He even went so far as to sleep in front of her door at the inn where many drunken men were down below. He was concerned they would try to seek “attentions” from her. Of course she thought he was an intruder lurking outside her room and stepped on him while going to investigate. Once she knew it was him and why, she scandalously offered him to sleep in her room (not an offer to bed but to warmly sleep), he of course said no as to not risk her reputation. The alternative offering of her blanket so he would be warm outside her door, had a lingering moment of hand touching. I doubt he was cold anymore.

Jamie is a consummate realist. He is THAT guy. The one who does what is right even when it compromises something for him. The vision of him becoming a The King of Men is coming into distant view.

A very competent stand in laird and certainly a savvy politician is Dougal. He spent his day time warmly, almost jovially, meeting, greeting, and connecting with tenants during the rent collections. In the nights, he incited, invoked deep emotions for the Jacobite cause. His attitude toward Claire was all over the place. Hot, cold, suspicious, misogynistic. He always has a calculated motivation for what he says and does.

I very much enjoyed this episode. This side of Claire, Jamie, Dougal needed to be explored. Ned, the tenants and the other men anchored them all together.

I am left wanting more while feeling pleasantly full. A needed Outlander ride, complicated and calling to my heart.

Stay tuned for several more individual posts on scenes and screen caps to follow for your enjoyment.

Slaintè mhah.