Vengeance Is Mine S2 E11 Podcast Review Discussion

This well paced, adventurous episode is written for television by none other than the Outlander book series author, Diana Gabaldon. Vengeance Is Mine, S2 E11 is full of twists and turns, old faces and enemies. A most intimate and tender expression from Jamie causes many a lady to swoon. Jamie and Dougal find themselves on the outs with the Prince and his commanders sending them far away to Inverness. By order, the men of Lallybroch, Jamie, Claire, Murtagh, Fergus, Rupert, and Dougal head northward.  Travel for this bunch is never the expected. Ambushed by British troops, one is wounded and a risky plan is hatched to secure everyone’s freedom. When Claire finds herself in the home of the Duke of Sandringham, everything changes. In the end, revenge is best served sharp and swift with a debt of honor repaid in full.

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Top Ten Moments – Useful Occupation and Deceptions S2 E3

Keep reading for my Top Ten Moments from “Useful Occupations and Deceptions”, S2 E3 of the Outlander series. This episode, we meet up with Jamie up to his blue eyes in political intrigue and booze by night, and by day, successfully running his cousin’s wine business. Claire is definitely not the definition of a “Lady”. She’s bored and feeling all too conventional with her leisurely life. On some sage advisement, she gets a volunteer position at L’Hopital des Anges, the hospital for the poor and needy. She’s filled with happiness.

There’s definitely so much more than that… Some sweet. Some funny. Some weird. Some sexy.

10. Jamie and Monsieur Duverney are playing chess, as Jamie is trying to get into his favor. So charming is the Minister of Finance.  The most delightful aspect of the exchange is learning the sad and much water tortured wig is alive and well. It’s been resurrected from the ’80 metal band death grip. So long road life.

9. The joining of the Mother Hildegarde to the spy business when she handily discovers what the key to the musical cipher is. She was a child prodigy after all. She also happens to think that Herr Bach’s music will have no lasting power historically, as it lacks heart.

8. Murtagh’s reaction to finding out Black Jack Randall is alive. Gut wrenched, dumbstruck, and obviously horrified, he agrees with Claire to keep it a secret, for fear Jamie will rush in blind anger back to Scotland to try and kill Randall once and for all. He’s the best wing man EVER. His protectiveness of Claire and Jamie is pure love and loyalty.

7. Master Raymond and Claire bonding in his apothecary shop. He gets her. He sees her for who she is. A friendship in bloom. He tells her she has to help people. Indeed, it’s at her core and not simply an occupation. He is the wise one who advises her to volunteer at the hospital run by Mother Hildegarde. There’s no stopping Claire now.

6. Monsieur Duverney gleefully and overtly appreciating the ample bosom of one of the women at Madame Elise’s establishment. He is having the off the record financial meeting with Prince Charles and Jamie. His face is pure rapt pleasure, but of course, no touching, because he fears his wife.

5. Mary Hawkins asking Claire and Lousie de Rohan if they know about Frenchmen. Louise nor Claire have any idea what she means, until she goes into her explanation. He puts his thing in between a woman’s her legs and up inside her. Louise screams “No!” and Mary not getting her sarcasm, screams “YES!” and keeps talking.  Louise is roaring with laughter while Claire simply says, “We need to have a talk.” The sweet naivete of Mary Hawkins thinking men where she’s from in Sussex would never do such a thing. Priceless and endearing. Oh, dear Mary, aye they do and if done right you will like it too.

4. Claire and Jamie figuring out who “S” is at the same time, after Jamie translates the musical code into a letter. Sandringham that is. He’s a double-dealing snake that one. This is truly the first team work they have had onscreen this season. It feels good to see them in sync, if even for a minute.

3. Enter wee Claudel aka Fergus. he’s the cherubic and mature beyond his years pickpocket from Madame Elise’s. Jamie spies him stealing from patrons. He follows the boy in to a chase, overcoming him in the alley way only to discover he has Sawney, the wooden keepsake snake from his sporran. Jamie hires him on the spot to become part of the plot to stop the rebellion. Smart move! The boy has fingers with a feather light touch.

2. Claire, under the watchful eye of Mother Hildegarde, comes upon a patient on her first day at the hospital. Curious as to Claire’s skill set, she watches as Claire looks the patient over, asks her questions, sniffs then without hesitation, tastes her urine from a cup. Mother Hildegarde is impressed and asked for a diagnosis and prognosis. Claire’s answer is the same as the physician. She is now in business treating all sorts of injured patients.

1. Claire angry because her maid failed to darn an item, flies into Suzette’s room, pulls back the bed curtain, only to discover her naked panting maid atop Murtagh, happily sampling his wares. Hey now, Murtagh deserves to get some loving. The man does for everyone else. It’s about time he has his done well. Curiously, Murtagh had a spring in his step the rest of the day. Go figure.

What are your top moments from this episode? Let me know!

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Sex talk. Beauty. Plotting. Outlander Season 2

I grinned, I oohed, I laughed…the sex talk, beauty, and plotting in the TVLine exclusive footage (to view, click here), might be my favorite glimpse into Outlander Season 2 thus far.  I hope those who’ve not watched Season 1 yet, will be drawn in by the humor and pageantry. Yes, yes, some of the content will be different from the book, it’s an alterverse afterall, and what is shown is utterly enthralling. I’m not saying, I’ll be non-critical on some points as the episodes unfold, I’m saying, I’m looking forward to watching with an open mind. The underlying tone is purely Dragonfly in Amber (Big Book #2 in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon). Viewer fans, I know you’ve been amply warned about the drastic change in scenery and story arc. Stay with it. It will be okay.

What’s the sex talk about? Well you see, Miss Mary Hawkins, is a tad bit naive. Who am I kidding, extensively naive and romantic about the notion of sex. In the clip she is discussing what she’s heard men in France do sexually and basically says men where she is from certainly would never expect such things or do such things with a woman. I can hear the abdundant laughter amongst her seriousness. Rosie “Mary Hawkins” Day expresses perfectly how I’ve seen Mary iover and over n my mind speaking to Claire Fraser. She needs to have a Claire sized sex talk to be sure. Claire “Louise de Rohan” Sermonne is pure Louise and so exactly French.  The QOTD from the book I’ve been posting during droughtlander on social media was recently this very scene. I genuinely giggled re-rereading this passage, as well as, while watching it. I’m terrifically glad it made it into the episodes. This still needs to be captioned by wittier people than I. By the way, Claire’s take on sex gets better and better as the books er years go by. Stay tuned. 

What about the beauty? It is everywhere From the exteriors in Prague, to the sound stage interiors, and the exquisite costuming by Terry Dresbach and the design and production teams, including, Jon Gary Steele seen in the footage. All of it is quite intensely visually stimulating and elegantly impressive. I’m no fashion historian, hence, I’ve no idea whether every piece is exacting to the time period. I do know what is quality and what is beauty. This IS that.

Prague was chosen to replace 18th century Paris because Paris has changed substantially and is not suitable for a period relevant piece. The mix of behind the scenes with episode clips is a nice touch.

The landscape, gardens, interiors, and clothing are breathtaking. They really do not look like costumes at all do they? I feel as if I’m transported back in time.

I cannot get over this cloak. I swoon.

The presentation of Claire Fraser.

Who’s plotting? Perhaps the correct question is: Who isn’t plotting? I smell a rat. I mean a plot. The plotting has so very many layers and locations, it’s a challenge to keep up. A spreadsheet might be in order. Double-dealing is happening by more than Claire and Jamie. The twists and turns will keep viewer fans guessing. Paying attention to detail is the key.

Is it merely women’s gossip and cards at play here between Louise and Claire?

What about The Duke of Sandringham? This man is as slippery as they come. Can Jamie figure out what he’s up to and who he supports?
What are Claire and Jamie discussing?

Jamie is most definitely not at ease of mind. The gears are spinning and planning.

In a not so gentlemanly locale, the Bonny Prince is weaving his own plots.

Claire working her own solution to a highly problematic situation at hand.

Chess an avenue to build trust and access.

Louise sharing an idea with Claire and Mary.

Behind the scenes.

As the droughtlander days count down, all of this lovely imagery helps pass the time in a pleasant and helpful way. Here’s to another day checked off the calendar.

All photos property of Starz. 

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Season 2 Character Casting Announcements 

The casting for Season 2 is exploding this week. As with Season 1, impressive choices thus far. Welcome to the Outlander family.

Rosie Day as Mary Hawkins a shy girl whom Claire takes a liking to. In time she proves to be a very important character.  Find her on Twitter @RosieDayDream.

Andrew Gower as his highness Bonnie Prince Charles the key to an historic event.  Find him on Twitter @TheAndrewGowan.

Natalie Spence as a wife. I wonder if she will have a tryst with a famous character. Find her on Twitter @nataliespence20 and Facebook.

Romann Berrux as much beloved Fergus (Claudel) an orphaned street child with a soecialty in pickpocketing who Jamie adopts. Incredible adventures await.

Dominique Piñon as Master Raymond. Sorcerer? Magician? Apothecary? What is he exactly? I am most excited about meeting him onscreen.

Robert Cavanah as Jamie’s wine merchant cousin Jared Fraser.

Stanley Weber as Le Comte St. Germain a mysterious and intriguing character who is involved in politics and society. Find him on Facebook, Twitter @Stanleyweber, and Instgram.

Each one will bring something special to the screen. Sister Hildegard, King Louis, Alexander Randall, Roger MacKenzie Wakefield, and Brianna Fraser are certainly on deck to be announced. A very exciting wait indeed.

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