Sam Heughan’s Casting Anniversary Twitter Q and A

Actor Sam Heughan took time to chat with fans on the anniversary date of his casting announcement (below is what Diana Gabaldon posted on her Facebook page). Four years ago, it was formally declared he would be playing the beloved character Jamie Fraser in the Outlander Starz television series being adapted from the much-adored Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon.  His life and ours has never been the same.

Today when Sam was ready to chat under #AskSam, he set the social media set on fire with 1,481 replies. Even the King of Men cannot answer that many questions! I edited for punctuation and spelling to make for easier reading. Enjoy! Follow Sam Heughan on Twitter.

  • Happy anniversary being cast as JAMMF /do you own rights to your audition tapes? If so will you share with us OL fans? Sam: I actually saw them recently. Gabs sent them to me. Spooky… black hair Jamie!
  • Diana Gabaldon: There’s a Jamie/Ian story in there…think you and Cree could play 19 again? Sam: I could play 19…. not sure about grandfather Cree
  • Hi Sam! Are there any stunt- or action scenes for you in your new project? Sam: It’s an “action comedy!!!” I love stunts….
  • One word to describe Jamie in season 3? Sam: He’s anyone BUT JAMMF…. (The Man with Many Names)
  • I’m coming to Comic Con. Can you save me a seat in the panel room? Sam: Ask @jennadewan !? #seatKeeper
  • Is it true ~ did you get your hair cut? Sam: Maybe maybe not. Movie magic?!
  • How do you spend your time on long plane flights sleep/read/study scripts? Sam: Sleep. It’s a great opportunity to catch up! And maybe a wee dram..
  • Will you do another Barbour event in NYC? Sam: Working on it! Can’t wait for you to see my @Barbour collection for Autumn Winter this year!
  • Do you have anything else in the pipe line but the Spy movie going? Sam: So many projects, in different fields, exciting but hard to keep up!
  • The tweet was unavailable but here is his answer. Sam: I wanted to stay, had planned too but unfortunately had to leave, only saw Zebras (cool!) and Springbok (wandered onto our set!)
  • Have you talked to @caitrionambalfe lately? Sam: Who? 😉
  • What accent are you using for Spy movie? Sam: Hungarian
  • What are you craving right now? Sam: Sipping on an April Spritz… mmmm #AskSam #newFav  (He means Aperol Spritz)
  • Hey there did you actually get seasick while filming S3? Sam: Afraid not… But pretending to throw up raw eggs quite a few times can set someone off!
  • Would love to hear you narrate an audiobook! Is that something you would consider? Sam: Already done! @cassieclare #ShadowhunterAcademy (It’s an enjoyable listen for content and voice.)
  • Your FIRST thought on learning that you had been cast as Jamie Fraser? Sam: I was over joyed and didn’t realise what a wonderful adventure it’d be. So so lucky.
  • Anymore tennis games coming up with @caitrionambalfe ?? But u can’t cheat next time Sam: table tennis? I’d have to let her win….  🙂
  • What’s it like working with Kate McKinnon? Does she keep you lol? Sam: he’s SO cool and funny! What a pro.
  • Turtle Soup or Print Shop?  Sam: Wait and see……
  • Would you ever consider an interview/experience with @BearGrylls ? Sam: Where do I sign up?
  • pfft he did. Ask the bucket on the ship deck, he tells a different story… Sam: Didn’t you play the bucket?
  • Does the next @Barbour campaign have pups? How have you managed not to steal one? 12/10 would dognap!  Sam: I’m still trying…. Would love one!
  • Any bruises or injuries filming the Spy movie? Sam: Nothing major…. Risky business though!
  • Do you like Star Wars????? Sam: Do you?! More Star Trek… (Nod to Ron Moore.)
  • Waiting for @SamHeughan to notice my friends like…  Sam: Well…. where are they?!
  • Can you do a #handstand? Sam: Actually I’ve been learning but at the moment no, I’m rubbish! Unless against the wall…
  • Are you ready for the So Cal heat? #SDCC2017 Sam: I CANNOT wait!!!!!! So excited for @Comic_Con !!!!
  • Ever been jalouse at Catriona Balfe? Sam: I’m like ALWAYS totally ja-louse. ;p
  • Are you dancing at the @MyPeakChallenge Peakers event? Sam: Who’s asking? I’m dancing.
  • Have you ever wanted to play Shakespeare? Sam: I have in the past and would love to be back on stage.
  • Can I get a belated happy Birthday tweet? Sam: Happy Belated Biiiiiirthday Steph!x
  • I’d think you would fit right into Game of Thrones… would you be up for it? Sam: What character? And could they film in Scotland? (Word is he auditioned multiple times and didn’t get a part. Thank goodness or maybe he wouldn’t be Jamie. Right part. Right timing.)
  • Dream meal? Sam: Right now I’ve been craving mexican! Margaritas!
  • Did you ever thought that MPC would reach so many people in the world like it’s reaching now? what do you think about it? Sam: So, so happy, with the research projects we’ve funded and the community and support people give each other. More to do!!!
  • If you could be on a reality show, which would you do? Sam: The Bachelorette (Um. Hm.) 
  • When are you starting to film season 4? Sam: This Fall….
  • Wasn’t the water too cold in the scene where you have to hide in the River? Sam: VERY cold… ahem (Ahem. Cough. Indeed.)
  • Did you watch Valbo on tv? Sam: Hehehe I loved watching him in pain. 😉
  • Thank you for always being so gracious. Sam: No THANK YOU!!! You are all amazing. So blessed.
  • @MrStevenCree would be so jealous unless you picked him. Sam: Very quiet from Mr Cree tonight…. suspicious!


And that’s a wrap. Due to an early call, he had to bid fans a goodnight.

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