A Voyager Read-Along with a side of Outlander Science Club

What do you get when two Outlander fans meet, a midwife and a doctor? You get Outlander Science Club. I already had planned to do a Voyager podcast read-along to pass the droughtlander time, but wanted a twist, something new to offer my audience. When Karen Daugherty and I met through Rocky Mountain Sassenachs, it was kismet. Lightning in a friendship bottle. During our first conversation we accidentally came up with OSC.  With a pause and double take, quickly we decided the idea was a good one. The next step was to do the Voyager read-along with a side of Outlander Science Club.

That was that…and Outlander Science Club was born.

Voyager is the favorite book for many Outlander reader fans. It’s salve and redemption to Dragonfly In Amber.  Karen and I are not different. We adore it. And both of us also have mutual love for Claire’s beautiful brain. Her ability to listen to the body as a healer, whether in the 20th century or the 18th century. Her ability to recall treatments for a variety of maladies. Her simply being who she is.

The first episode will air August 6, 2016 with chapter 1-3. Please read ahead of time to get the most out of the podcast. I will be covering the chapter material and the science lesson will be at the end of the podcast each week. We will cover the science point of view of both centuries. The final read-along episode will air December 17, 2016.  This mean 20 weeks of Voyager love coming your way.

Where can you find the podcast? You may listen to the podcast directly through this site or The Sassenach Doctor within a post or through iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.

How can you interact? Follow the science prompts each week, research the topic, then share on ADOO or Sassenach Doctor’s social media or call in to the ADOO message line 719-425-9444. Comments or messages may be included in the podcast or a written post.  The hashtag to use is #OutlanderSciClub.


The Outlander book series is written by Diana Gabaldon. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook.


Karen Daugherty, the Sassenach Doctor can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

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My Conversation with Karen Daugherty – The Sassenach Doctor

I had a most delightful and informative conversation with my new friend and sisterly science geek, Karen Daugherty, the emergency physician behind the insightful site, Sassenach Doctor. A many year book series fan and a TV series fan, Karen began writing about the medicine of Outlander during a hiatus prior to the Season 2 launch of the TV Series. She enjoys putting on her inner Claire during her family’s outdoor adventures.

Karen will also be joining me in the special 32 week Voyager read-along with a weekly Outlander Science Club lesson.

A few episodes have aired since the recording of the podcast, please go to her site to read her medical musings on Presonpans S2 E10.

Listen to find out what procedure she would love to assist Claire with and what she never would have attempted with the limited 18th century medical resources. Listen below or through iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

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