“Looking For A Time and Place”


“Looking For A Time and Place” Blu-Ray sneak peak release.


Herself, Diana Gabaldon introduces this clip explaining the Dr. Who connection to finding the time and place -in which to set her practice book. Her being enthralled by the thought of a man in a kilt while in church the next day, well that pretty much settled it. With no real idea about the 18th century or Scotland a writing she went.

Thank you Diana for being intrugued by both a man in a kilt and Scotland as your starting point. 

Though her practice book was never expected to be seen, a three book deal was had. The rest is history, herstory.

Sam Heughan , “Jamie Fraser”,  expressed how he sees the characters as vast and intricate with Diana revealing more and more each book.

Indeed Sam. The layers are rich and satisfying. It is no wonder re-reads are not only gratifying but revelatory in nature, bringing each character more into view and understanding. I have no doubt the tv series will show this beautifully. 

Matthew B. Roberts talks about the necessity of episodic structure versus making two hour film adaptations for each book in order to do them justice.

Finally we hear Matt speak! Quite a treat for those who follow him on Twitter. The wisdom of turning each book into a season of television absolutely can tell the complete complexly written storylines. 

Thank you Sony for releasing these clips for the masses without Blu-Ray!

More screen captures to come in another post.

Amazon Picks Up UK Outlander Rights or Did They?

No word on an air date yet but the rights to Outlander have been picked up by Amazon after intensive negotiations with Sony, according to Digital Spy, TV Wise, .

Great news for UK viewers who have been thus far left out of viewing the Scotland based show adapted from the Diana Gabaldon book series, starring Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan.

With the production getting ready to film Season 2, the UK viewers have much to catch up on.


According to the BBC Amazon says there is no announcement on Outlander UK rights and no comment.

This must be an incredibly frustrating situation for UK fans. I do cautiously hope that AP is simply not prepared yo make an official statement yet.