Podcast Best Laid Schemes Recap Review S2 E6

Jamie, Claire, and Murtagh must stop the wine sale going through to further compromise Prince Charles’ ability to get the uprising funded. Claire makes Jamie a promise. Murtagh is trusted and told everything. Le Comte St. Germain and Prince Charles are out of sorts. Black Jack causes Jamie to break his promise.  Schemes do not necessarily go according to plan. You will find this and so much more in this Outlander episode, Best Laid Schemes, written for television by Mathew B. Roberts and directed by Metin Huseyin.

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Beloved Characters Onscreen ET Exclusive Video

In a new Entertainment Tonight exclusive interview spot with Outlander stars, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, reveals three additional characters, all beloved by  fans who’ve been excitedly waiting to see them onscreen.

Mother Hildegarde, Master Raymond, and Fergus coming to life is a big deal to book fans. So adored these characters, I actually squealed each of their names as the video flashed by them. I’m not too proud to admit it. I don’t believe I am the only one to experience this outburst of anticipated happiness.

Who are these three in a nutshell?

Master Raymond is an all time favorite character that is deftly layered with mystery, benevolence,  a power touch, and exquisite knowledge. He too, is a healer or dealer in the alternative medicinal arts. He knows the words on the street. The gossip freely enters his shop. He’s most colorful. The connection between him and Claire cannot be denied. It’s intangible, but undoubtedly real. There’s much more at play here than simple knowledge of herbs and mysticism. Be on the look out.

Master Raymond

Mother Hildegarde plays a surprisingly key role in this upcoming season. She may be a nun and a formidable healer at L’Hôpital des Anges, but, she is also a finely trained musician. A meaningful friendship is forged between her and Claire. A trust is built. The story that is to unfold, is full of intrigue, support, and life altering paths. She is in the thick of it with them.

Mother Hildegarde

Dear Claudel, renamed Fergus, is adopted by Jamie out of the whorehouse where he was born. He is a pickpocket and reliable messenger. He goes to work for them and the mission at hand. He finds a place of belonging and purpose with The Frasers. Expect t see him for seasons to come.

Claudel aka Fergus

Season 2 is so far looking fierce! I gathered a few other screen captured stills for your enjoyment.


Le Comte St. Germain


Jamie and Claire in their lavish apartment.


The opulent display of the grounds.

All photos courtesy of Starz via the Entertainment Tonight video interview.

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The Much Anticipated Outlander S2 Trailer with Screencaps

On the heels of the red dress being revealed yesterday, today Starz announced the much anticipated premiere date for Season 2 of Outlander. And all the fans SCREAMED. Droughtlander is almost over my friends. If that wasn’t enough to gain fan favor, today also marked the release of a new official trailer.

On April 9th, 2016, the journey within S2 begins. Jamie and Claire have a seemingly insurmountable task ahead trying to stop Prince Charles and the devastating Jacobite uprising. The ever faithful Murtagh is in Paris with our favorite couple, trying his best to serve well. Jamie is still on the mend, Claire is in the midst of her first pregnancy. The couple is working to move forward together in their still young and vulnerable marriage.

Set in the lavish 18th century French court to the picturesque Highland’s of Scotland, the scenic backdrops are much a part of the storytelling again this season. Expect intrigue, tremendous difficulties, unlikely friendships forged, a shocking rising from death, a near fatal personal loss, time hopping into the twentieth century, passion, and as always, a thread of hope, are on the way, not only for our hero and heroine, but for us the viewers.

This second season is based upon the popular next book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, Dragonfly in Amber. If you haven’t read the book, I highly encourage you to do so.  The adaptation is not the same, but having the wonderful background and detail in your head, is worth the read.

After watching the video and capturing stills, I am still not much a fan of Jamie’s hair in much of it. Too pretty or feminine for him? That would be the image surrounding upscale France at the time. Perhaps…absolutely, I like him more road worn and dirty. Being part of the surroundings suits him better. The other quizzical take away is his range of emotion seems a bit stunted as well. I hope he is not as unhappy and angry throughout the season as this short clip suggests. It’s true the dark and bleak nature of Jamie post Wentworth has been shown more than anything else leading up to the season premiere. Even with the character of Jamie having much healing to do, because it was not at all processed at the end of Season 1, I’m guardedly optimistic there is more range of emotion for him to express than seen here. A tone for him is definitely being set by the tidbits that have been released. That said, it is incredibly difficult to ascertain the complexity of any scene based upon snippets in a short trailer. The roads could lead anywhere and not what it at all seems out of context.

Last, there is the issue of more Frank. That’s what the word on the street says, more Frank than the book, as in Season 1.  I’m all for necessary Frank, as in what the book offers. I still see no real love triangle, or that he can hold a flame to Jamie, the show has not altered that opinion. He s a decent, albeit selfish man. He loves Claire, but not how she needs or yearns to be loved. He’s ultimately a mostly stand-up guy in relation to Claire’s return and predicament. Somewhat reliable Frank. A very mysterious Frank. A marriage based on re-commitment and basic purpose of protection.  He gets a returned wife who brings a ghost with her. A ghost that will never leave. That’s a tough position for any man. He stays the course, imperfectly, like Claire.  He indeed provides the place for her to return to safely.  Knowing all of this, I am not in agreement for more Frank. The layers of him unfold in future books, dare I say, future seasons.  That sounds about perfect.

(edited 02/11/2016)

Please enjoy the multitude of screencaps! Which are your favorite?





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