Shaving. A Straight Edge ep106

In The Garrison Commander episode 106 we begin with the straight edge as part of opening credits. Obviously an important piece of information foreshadowing a scene for us.


Into the episode, we are at the garrison, Claire has assisted with an amputation, and is returning to the dining room expecting to gain her passage to Inverness as promised by Lord Thomas. Unexpectedly though all the men are gone except for Black Jack Randall and Cpl. Hawkins.



Not only are the two men in the room, Hawkins is straight edge shaving BJR. Obviously a vehicle pointing back to credits. A very weird aside for me. Then to a a flashback/flash forward to Frank as Claire shaving Frank with the same straight edge razor now in the hand of Hawkins.


A very sexy shaving scene highlighting the family heirloom straight edge razor in the deft hand of Claire.


History and future connecting beautifully.

Claire is now firmly with Frank on her mind as she is shocked back into reality moving the scene forward.

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