Meet The Frasers Video and Screencaps

It is always so wonderful to see a new video pop up on the Outlander Starz FB page. 

The energy between Laura Donnelly as Jenny Murray and Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser, is pure sibling delight. Both are fiercely protective, loving, strong willed, stubborn, and in the end reasonable.

Ian (Jenny’s husband), gives Claire some sage advice about not getting in between Jamie and Jenny fighting or she can get hurt. They need to simmer down first before anyone can intervene.

Ian is the strong, calm, and level headed constant that is the perfect balance to Jenny’s fire.

Jamie coming home poses serious upset to what Jenny and Ian have built in his absence. Of course fireworks should be expected.

There is much water under the bridge in the years since Jamie has been gone. The unspoken hurts, assumptions, and experiences the two have had need to be processed and gotten through together. As quickly as the fire flashed, the hot and quick tempers burn out providing a space that is open for reconnection and forgiveness between the siblings.

Enjoy the screen captures.


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