The Battle Joined S3 E1

Outlander Starz

The Battle Joined S3 E1

Written by Ronald D. Moore

Directed by Brendan Maher

Listen to the podcast to get my fully realized coherent thoughts on the episode. Bottom line: Ron did us a solid. I LOVED it. 

For fun, here are my thoughts while watching the episode the first time through. 

  1. OMG OMG OMG shhhhh it’s time to watch?. Squee.
  2. Sings along nervously.
  3. Is he going to wake up dead?
  4. Oh, damn dead bodies in piles. Seriously everyone shhhhhhh.
  5. Dude that’s harsh ? killing them where they lay.
  6. Jamie wakes up, someone’s lying dead on top of him.
  7. Jamie don’t let them notice you. Don’t move damn it.
  8. Disordered battle memories flood his mind.
  9. MARK ME
  10. Someone get him a medic!
  11. Gut punch he remembers smelling Claire’s wrap. SHE’S GONE.
  12. Murtagh?sigh
  13. BRRRRR anyone else freezing while watching this?
  14. NOOOO you’re running the wrong way! Don’t go towards the redcoats.
  15. Uh oh he sees HIM. BJR is in his line of sight.
  16. Double uh oh BJR sees Jamie too.
  17. IT’S ON bitches. 
  18. Soooo many dead.
  19. BJR is liking this proximity?. personal space bubble please?
  20. Is he going to lick him? Kiss him? Ummmm boys there’s a fight going on.
  21. Death match BJR vs Jamie.
  22. Advantage BJR thigh slash move.
  23. YES, Jamie went for the gut.
  24. “Stand right there Jamie so I can finish you off, please, I’m just so tired now.”
  25. Ew BJR don’t you touch him. Slaps hand away.
  26. He just fell into his chest. WHAT IS HAPPENING?
  27. Ashes to ashes they all fall down.
  28. BJR dies on top of Jamie. He must have been thrilled.
  29. Little bunny foufou? what?!
  30. Enter Claire hallucination. Are you alive?
  31. It’s RUPERT. Hey old buddy.
  32. Another gut punch, he wants to be left to die. Tortured let me be.
  33. Atta boy Rupert. 
  34. The dragonfly in amber is left on the ground.
  35. Boston 1948. Huge home.
  36. Frank is trying so hard. It’s sad and desperate.
  37. Frank don’t wait for meals. She’s not so domestic these days.
  38. Modern appliances screw that.
  39. She looks so cute pregnant.
  40. She’s going to do it. Cook in the fireplace.
  41. Nosy neighbor for the weirdness.
  42. Of course, it’s all about the husband. Side eye.
  43. Snort, he LOVEs surprises.
  44. FTS Claire is thinking.
  45. Look pretty for the boss.
  46. Jamie needs Claire to patch him up. So painful to watch.
  47. Holed up in the farmhouse waiting for death.
  48. Rupert abides.
  49. Claire is one unhappy feminist, erm housewife.
  50. Smash the patriarchy!
  51. Pompous ass.
  52. Oh, the little lady has an opinion.
  53. Smug douche canoe.
  54. Frank way to speak up for your wife. Atta husband. She IS a badass.
  56. Insert sarcasm emoji.
  57. Thems fighting words. Yes, Harvard Medical?
  58. That’s the ticket Frank. Good you are checking how she is after that BS.
  59. Two days later on the moor?
  60. Where’s Murtagh? We want to know too Jamie.
  61. The redcoats are here.
  62. It’s HAL! LJG’s brother.
  63. “No milord, traitors all.” We need a Rupert sarcasm emoji.
  64. Hal is not impressed.
  65. And you get a soldier’s death, and you get a soldier’s death.
  66. Claire, master of the stove!
  67. Bad milk is a bad omen.
  68. The bird, what does it mean.
  69. Frank, man, you’re trying too hard.
  70. Tea bagged American style.
  71. Claire’s been thinking, egad.
  72. I want to be an American!!!!
  73. That was a bone throw to Frank, “our child”.
  74. No touchy the belly! AWKWARD.
  75. Well that breakfast went south quickly.
  76. Can of worms opened and flung all around. Frank eke.
  77. Heartbreaking desperation.
  78. Oh Frank.
  79. Oh Claire, dayum woman. You went there.
  81. Why you shocked man. Calling her a cheater.
  82. WHOA nelly he’s giving her an out.
  83. Rupert may have a job as a motivational speaker in the afterlife.
  84. It burnses seeing Jamie so busted up and invalid.
  85. No, you’re crying.
  86. STOP talking about Angus. Where’s the damn tissues?
  87. Rupert Thomas Alexander MacKenzie ? noooooo
  88. It’s a lonely night on the timeout couch.
  89. Dear Reverend can wait? her waters have broken.
  90. Oh hell. Not Red Jamie. God’s Blood.
  91. “Shoot me or go away.” LMAO
  92. Freaking debt of honor.
  93. Jamie proves once again he’s hard to kill.
  94. It’s labor time!
  95. Claire’s doulaing herself.
  96. Enter Doctor Dirt bag.
  97. Oh, second child I see. Frank didn’t think he could be shocked again.
  98. Way to take a case history and decide it complicates things.
  99. Sweet Frank wants to go with her to delivery.
  100. I love you. Crickets.
  101. They put her under after she says no? grrrrr.
  102. Paging Doctor Misogyny. You bastard is spot on Claire.
  103. HE’s HOME! Jenny and Ian greet him.
  104. Claire wakes up in a panic over her baby.
  105. She’s alive!
  106. In the afterglow of holding her live baby Claire wants to try, Frank loves her so.
  107. Another I love you gone without response.
  108. No, you didn’t just ask that! Damn way to break the mood.

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One thought on “The Battle Joined S3 E1

  1. Thank you for the beautiful Tribune to the Battle of Culloden ! That’s a preformes Sam should be nominated for an award ! The whole show was great ! And when Jamie stoped his wedding gift I cried even more . Thanks again !


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