Creme de Menthe

Creme de Menthe

Episode 307

Written for Television By: Karen Campbell

Directed By: Norma Bailey

Claire is back for just over 24 hours and all hell is breaking loose.  Listen to my podcast to get my in-depth thoughts!

Welcome to the party pal back to safety of the 18th century Claire. 

  • Claire’s fighting for her life.
  • The man is mostly dead, not dead.
  • He’s an exciseman working for Sir Percival.
  • Jamie is at odds with Claire wanting to doctor him.
  • The casks must be moved and sold. Bromancers young Ian and Fergus to the rescue.
  • Two used car salesmen if I ever met any.
  • The apothecary was totally 18th century hipster.
  • There’s a shakedown by Sir Percival and the One Eyed raven bad guy.
  • The exciseman died even though Claire employed a truly vicious tool (trephine) to his skull.
  • Call the cleaner from John Wick.
  • Young Ian and Fergus celebrate, and it’s decided Young Ian is to lose his virginity that night. For no reason. Just’ cause.
  • She meets a fortune teller and his ill sister.
  • ABANDAWE ABANDAWE ABANDAWE – Claire is given a vision by Margaret Campbell.
  • Young Ian and the lass are getting busy in the back of the printshop.
  • Claire is melancholy and wants to move out of the brothel.
  • Jamie is worried about the bottom dollar and it’s rent free.
  • Ian is stunned to see Claire.
  • Ian Murray comes looking for his son. The runaway Jamie is harboring and putting to work.
  • The bastard lies to Ian.
  • Ian gives Jamie some sage marital advice.
  • Young Ian sends the lass away, he fights with the one eyes man.
  • The shop is lit on fire.
  • The one-eyed man escapes, and Young Ian doesn’t.
  • Claire glares at Jamie. 
  • He shouldn’t be lying to his family.
  • He’s not his father. Stab, stab, stab.
  • Lies, meh whatevs Claire. You’ve lied too. Neener neener.
  • Jamie gets fork tongued and a little nasty.
  • Claire assures him her marriage to Frank was not love and passion.
  • FIRE FIRE FIRE in Carfax Close.
  • Jamie does his Batman impersonation and goes in to rescue Young Ian.
  • But first he must save the portrait of Willie.
  • What about the photos of Brianna? HMMMMM
  • He heroically jumps to the printshop floor, gathers up the boy, and climbs up Bonny to get out.
  • The print shop is a total loss.
  • Plans are made. Young Ian is to go back to Lallybroch.
  • Fergus is to intercept the one-eyed man.
  • WTAF Jamie has a wife. A WIFE.
  • Yi Tien Cho makes himself scarce.
  • From the ashes will come a new life for Jamie and Claire.

And fade to black.

Snippy. Sullen. No kisses. Frustration. Who the hell are you anyway? Who do you think you are? Is this worth it? 

What’s Coming up? Episode 308 First Wife.

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8 thoughts on “Creme de Menthe

  1. Beth Ely says:

    This isn’t our Jamie and Claire and this isn’t the book that DG wrote. I understand the meaning of “adaptation “, but they have written a new one and it isn’t working for me. I am so sad over what, they are doing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mary J Cook says:

    I like your take on the book/show conflicts. I can enjoy the show as well as the books. To me, the Jamie and Claire of the books are different from the show. As Diana Gabaldon also says, I have hold two images in my mind at the same time.


  3. Allyn Bensing says:

    Each one of these 8 books are so jam packed with fabulous characters, hold your breath situations and spot on history that I think adapting this saga to film is a daunting task. The characters have come to life and I have enjoyed every minute. Thank you producers, directors, actors, historians, builders, and costume people! You’ve made the 18th century real. Well done!


  4. Laine Andrews says:

    In A. Malcolm, Jamie and Claire acted the way we expected them to act. They were believable as lovers who had pined for each other for 20 years. In Crème de Menthe, suddenly the show went for a Frank and Claire bickering dynamic, foreign to Jamie and Claire’s depth of devotion. The sudden about face was like whiplash.

    So much was made out of the actors not looking “old enough”. What about being made to act less mature than when they were in their 20s and much more forgiving of each other? A loving Claire as she was in the book would have been staring at Jamie, just grateful to be in the same room with him and thinking it a miracle he had survived his rocky 20 years. Picky patronizing Frank’s Claire would never have left everything to gamble on a 3rd pass through the stones. And book Jamie was still a mensch worth returning for, not the shabby character the TV show makes him out to be at this point.


    • You have some interesting points. Crème de menthe was odd. I think they both had some major things to work through after the 20 years apart. And to escalate the story within 24 hours with the excise man would cause weird conflict.


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