The Wedding Ep107 Initial Reactions

Me oh my there were many unexpected turns in The Wedding Ep107.


This highly anticipated episode had me all aflutter with antici——-pation.

There will be additional posts up later with detail and screen captures. For now, my initial thoughts.

1. WTAH um confused
2. Wait where’s the wedding. What the fork is happening?
3. Pearls reference mmkay got it. Next.
4. Where’s the dress. My brain hurts.
5. Oooooh pretty bodice
6. AWKWARD — so nekkid time yet? Perverts wanna watch. (Um yeah Claire ME)
7. Nice toast.
8. Drink. And DRINK. AND drink. Yeah no toast for you buddy.
9. She knows yer not a rapist.
10. What the hell. Why’d you want to hitch yourself to me?
11. I am calling bullshit. Only to protect her. Bah. Nope.
12. Dougal you fookin clever pig dog. Forcing Jamie to show you he really cares for Claire. That’s right Jamie she’s no a hoor.
13. Oh no you did not go there Dougal. Yup you did. BJR. Bastard.
14. Mmmhmm see there giving her the name, family speech worked. She is right next to you now lad.
15. Tell me about your family! Kissus interruptus. Hahaha.
16. Oh lubrication by whisky and storytelling!
17, Rupert and Angus show right on time. A coof. Is that like a fanny bawbah?! Howling with laughter.
18. A wee keek is it. Angus yer a lecherous wee hoor.
19. Smooth move garçon. Sleep or bed. Oh sure help her in to, out of, well you know.
20. Oh my – fires spontaneously starting.
21. “I kissed a Jamie and I liked it.” Claire
22. Oh aye no monk there. Nope.
23. Deflowered at last. Booyah Claire.
24. Snickers. Like horses. Um no.
25. Tell Murtagh and Rupert and Ned to stop giving bad advice.
26. Of course she liked it you dolt that’s why she’s a bit off.
27. Only you know your a bigamist and adulteress. Hoor.
28. Cheers and jeers. Oh bloody hell.
29. Claire “Cherry Popper” Fraser.
30. Oh Dougal is a jealous pig.
31. Ah yes Claire betwixt you Jamie.
32. Mo nighean donn that’s right lad.
33. Touched by a Jamie.
34. Murtagh you softie.
35. An old fashioned verse off.
36. Windows for a wedding.
37. Angus and Rupert show part deux.
38. Nuttin. Mmhm a whole bunch of something in that sporran.
39. Whorehouse dress procurement.
40. Get your bad self some bow chicka wow wow Ned.
41. A dress, a quickie and a date – good go Ned.
42. A dog with twa tails. Cryin!
43. Drinking! G and I screamed at the screen.
44. Monstrous hangover. Damn girl.
45. Aaaah shucks Jamie. Earnest man is here. Rainbows and unicorns.
46. Um Claire did you not read the marriage contract? JAMMF.
47. Dies. The best way. The blood vow. A heaping mess.
48. Oh no conflicted not sorry.
49. Oh YUSS inspection time.
50. Damn right Diana one fine ass man indeedy.
51. Awwwwwww you have the naked woman of your own now Jamie.
52. Getting hot up in here. Fans self.
53. Intro to female orgasm. Remember it Jamie. She really likes you.
54. Bite bite mmmmm – need fire extinguisher stat.
55. WTH no more booze. Drinking Claire is thirsty.
56. Claire been around Jamie’s block at least twice and downtown Dougal. Dude yer a true hoor.
57. And ooof Rupert takes it on the chin. Jealous Dougal rises.
58. The precious pearls for precious Claire.
59. Shexy pearl sex. Cold shower stat.
60. Noooooooo my precious ring!!!’n
61. Damn it. Bloody hell. JHRC. But I might like it here. Frank.
62. OMG what a ride. Might need to watch a few more times.




10 thoughts on “The Wedding Ep107 Initial Reactions

  1. Did my first thoughts post, and reading over yours, I was like, “Oh right! I forgot that! And that! OMG and That!” Which is clearly an indicator that I need to watch again. STAT.


  2. I’ve watched it four times. Loved it. Many changes from the book, but who cares. Not me. And yes, Diana was spot on: “You have one fine ass!” I even forgot that Sam and Cait said there were 16 people in the room. It seems they forgot, too.


  3. I loved some of the camera shots in this episode. The one under Claire’s arm on the bed looking at Jamie. Super intimate. The reflection of Claire running after her ring as it gets stuck in between the floor boards. Wow! Pulled me right into the scene. Amazing.


  4. kaznorv says:

    I haven’t seen it yet … live in Scotland go figure!! But I’m out of breath just reading your synopsis …. and not because I was running!!


  5. kaznorv says:

    I haven’t seen it yet … live in Scotland (go figure!) … but I’m out of breath just reading your synopsis and not because I was running!!!


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