War Is Come S2 Preview

From the luxurious and at times cutthroat happenings in France, The Fraser’s have gone home. They did all they could to stop the Jacobite uprising from taking place, but alas, it is now upon there own doorstep. Prince Charles has arrived and war is come to Scotland. The remaining episodes of the season will be steeped in difficult living, fighting, and more grave losses. Claire has shared all she knows with Jamie and Murtagh, now all they can do is try to change history for the win.

Returning to face the fight are favorites among the many, renowned Jacobite Dougal MacKenzie, Angus Mhor, and Rupert MacKenzie. I wonder what other faces will emerge. Will Mary Hawkins virtue be avenged? Will Black Jack Randall return with one life less? Can Lallybroch be saved now that Jamie is a known traitor? Have we heard the last of Alex Randall? The Duke of Sandringham? I imagine he is playing all sides as before.

Those are some of the many questions to be answered in the 5 remaining episodes.

Culloden is near and all we can do is wait, watch, and wonder.

My favorite screen capture stills are below. For all the images, follow me on Instagram.

He’s back. Mark him, he will have an uprising. Scotland, she is exquisite to behold.

Jamie and Claire FOREVER.

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2 thoughts on “War Is Come S2 Preview

  1. All I have to say is that I am a little OVER prepared for the ending’s heartbreak already (non book reader) and they keep beating us over the head with it! 😦


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